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What we need to do in these strange and unsettling times

The UK as with many countries is facing hysteria, panic buying and a sea of uncertainty. As people who live in a post-truth society I think everyone will be aware of how much misinformation is out there and how damaging it can be at a time like this. Therefore, I was to give my thoughts on what we should be doing instead of roving the internet for weird and wacky cures and bulk buying hobnobs.


  1. Look after people– it sounds obvious but if you feel scared your friends probably are too. Make sure to check on everyone particularly those who we all know are vulnerable to this. If you know someone in self isolation offer to bring them supplies and keep in  contact they are probably going mad stuck inside (I know I am). Something as simple as facetiming someone could completely change someone’s day especially if they are elderly and don’t get many calls.

  2.  Be aware that some people have things a lot worse than you and try to support them- in our student population there are a great wealth of international students who may now be stuck in their own countries or stuck here which either way is not ideal for study. Many countries have it a lot worse than the UK and are losing hundreds of people a day. So whilst of course you’re problems are important try to put them into perspective and do what you can to aid those in more dire straits. 

  3. Follow government guidelines- don’t be selfish by ignoring advice about social distancing and self isolation you are putting everyone at risk. Everyday tune into a reliable news source (ignore rumours, go to a news channel like the BBC) and try to stick to whatever they say. If you ignore this advice because it’s boring or seems like too much effort you may risk lives, just because you know coronavirus might not be serious for someone in your age bracket does NOT mean you’re exempt from life saving measures. 

  4. Equally don’t use it as an excuse- society right now needs everyone to do their bit. Don’t be that person to ring in sick because now you’ve got a good excuse if nothing is wrong with you. Your part time job may seem inconsequential but we need people running the supermarkets, the student facilities and most importantly Wetherspoons because we need things to look forward to and cheer us up right now! If you’re not going to do it for the customers, do it for the managers who are facing their businesses closing and are in financial peril.

  5. Make sure to keep checking your emails– It is important to voice your concerns but equally right now nobody really has a clue what’s going on so there’s no use bombarding your lecturers with emails they’ve got their own problems. Wait for the twice a week updates from the university and look for ones from your department. There’s no use fretting about when they’ll come through, we really don’t know so try and keep busy with your studies if you can they’re still really important. Treat this as a prolonged reading week, you may even be able to catch up on some things like all that reading (and Netflix) you didn’t have time for before. 

  6. If you’re feeling pent up do some exercise– you don’t have to leave the house to do exercise and it’s a great way of relieving all the tension you’ve been feeling. So stick on an exercise video from Youtube, do some sit ups or if you’ve got a home gym take advantage of that. This could be a great time for you to get your summer body and if you open your windows whilst doing it you’ll feel even more refreshed.

  7. And above all else practice good hygiene- everyone knows some uni flats were already so filthy they posed a health hazard so if ever there was a time to be a little cleaner, it’s now. Don’t leave your food out to rot and wash your hands for crying out loud, you should have been doing that anyway. 

I wish everyone out there struggling with this the best. Try to stay positive, it’ll all be over soon hopefully. 

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