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What Warwick Means to Me

Choosing which universities to put as your firm and insurance choices can be tricky! There are lots of factors to consider, and all universities have their positive and negative aspects. These things might not be the same for everyone; a campus university is a perfect, cosy bubble for some but can feel claustrophobic for people who prefer a bustling city. When I look back at my time here so far, Warwick has meant different things to me at different times. There is so much more than just studying to get excited about!

… It’s a place to make friends

Since we are a campus university, it’s really hard to walk around without bumping into a friend or seeing a familiar face. I think this is something unique to a campus university, but it creates a real community atmosphere. Through my course, first year accommodation, societies, sports clubs and general socialising I have made some great friends. It’s been nice to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds; I feel much more open-minded and tolerant from interacting with people with very different opinions to my own.

… It’s a place to educate yourself

University is the place to go to learn more about a particular academic topic. There are opportunities to interact with leading experts, talented students and engage further with your studies through academic societies and placements. However, Warwick is also a place to learn more about yourself, other people and the world around you! Societies are a great way to do this – from academic talks to business events there are plenty of chances to learn something new.

… It’s a place to become international

I definitely feel part of something bigger at Warwick. Around 25% of the student population are international students from over 140 countries! There are opportunities to study and work abroad for a year, or volunteer overseas in the holidays. With numerous cultural and religious societies, even if you don’t want to leave campus it is easy to get a taste of international Warwick!

… It’s a place to try new things

Coming to university, I never thought I would become part of the judo club. Equally, I never thought of myself as someone to get involved in student representation, but here I am as Faculty Rep! University is a chance to completely reinvent yourself, or just try something new and exciting. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is easy, since there are so many societies, clubs and events to get involved with.

… It’s place to develop

The soft skills and extracurricular activities you gain at university are invaluable. They not only make your CV and LinkedIn profile look great, but they can also be fun and interesting. Student Careers and Skills run skills workshops throughout the year, as do many academic departments. Getting involved in societies allows the development of new skills, whilst running for exec positions give you a flavour of leadership and managing responsibility. Academic and research skills can also be developed by completing an undergraduate research project.

… It’s place to grow

Over the last two-and-a-bit years, I’ve gained so much more confidence in myself and my abilities. I have started to gain a clearer vision of the world and been able to work out what I want to do in the future!

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