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What Warwick is really like

I often like to ask people whether Warwick University is what they expected. It generally is, although there are a few things which took everyone by surprise…

To begin with, the people at Warwick are crazy. Prepare yourself for wacky costumes, heartfelt chants and shopping trolleys in very strange places. The culture is very lively, and we have some top-secret lingo, including the terms ‘circle’, ‘koan’, ‘pop’ and ‘purple’. Good luck figuring them out! Living with students is extremely fun, though they can be quite disgusting. If you can’t handle a dirty kitchen or shared bathrooms, choose your accommodation wisely.

At Warwick, your understanding of time will flip on its head. Warwick is a place where it’s more normal to go to the library at 10pm than at 10am. When I’d turn up to the library to study in the morning, I’d often bump into friends leaving after a full night of work. In my experience, work is not easy, but it is very rewarding, and there is a very strong community spirit amongst my course mates, which makes everything so much easier.

I really didn’t expect Warwick to be quite so wholesome. Before university I’d always pictured wild club nights and parties, and although there are plenty of those, there’s so much more that you can get involved in. However, I do really like the nightlife! The university club is great and there are plenty of clubs and bars in Coventry and Leamington Spa.

Life at Warwick is an adventure. You have so much freedom and there’s so much going on that it is very difficult to be bored. There are so many random things to get involved in, from gliding and international quidditch championships, to drone-racing!

To give you a flavour, I’ve been involved in Underwater Hockey, 2 flash mobs, 3 fancy balls, boxing classes, trekking and even salsa classes! I’ve been to 8 conferences in the past year, seen 2 ex-presidents and 3 Nobel laureates and went on a fully funded trip to an incredible conference in Oxford. I even went on a mystery tour with Tennis, and only found out the destination when we got there! (It was Blackpool…)

I’m the president of Astronomy Society and secretary of UN Women UK Society, and somehow, it’s possible to do all this, and have a social life, and do well academically. Because at uni, you learn how you work much better, you learn how to make the most of your time, and you are in complete control.

So as you can tell, if you mix together excited youth, unlimited opportunities and newfound freedom, you get some interesting results! Life at Warwick is a blast. Work is hard and students are gross, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


A few very important things I didn’t mention:

1. Rolf is the campus cat. We all love Rolf.

2. You will be attacked by geese. Beware.

3. There is a Facebook page called WarwickFessions. Everyone is obsessed with it, and it’s worth a read!


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