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What To Think About When Packing

Packing. That dreaded task that is really tempting to put off until the last minute.

First bit of advice: don’t.

I’m not saying you should start getting out your boxes or suitcases right now, but you should, at the very least, start thinking about what you want to take with you.

Next question: what on Earth should you take to Uni?

I honestly think that everyone who has ever gone to Uni has probably asked this question whilst staring around their room completely lost. And some people will have to answer this question at the beginning of every year. So don’t panic! If you do forget something, you can always buy it from the shops or get it sent to you from home.

Second bit of advice: make a list (and check it twice??)

There are lots of lists on the internet that you can use to see what you might want to take to Uni. But don’t just take 1 of these lists and follow it. Making your own list not only means that (when you start packing) it’s written in a sensible order for your house, but that you’ve thought about the different items being suggested and whether or not you actually need them.

Third bit of advice: about a month before Uni, start jotting down ANYTHING that you use (from your alarm clock to your phone charger and even that garlic crusher that you only ever use to make one dish but couldn’t possibly go through Uni without eating it).

Jotting down everything you use means that you can then go through the packing list you made and check that everything you use on a daily basis is on that list.

Fourth bit of advice: make sure you check what comes with your accommodation and also ask your parents/guardians to see if there’s anything they think you’re missing

Making these checks means that a) you’re not taking something that’s already provided for you (like a bin) and b) that you’re not forgetting something that you’ll need because your parents always did it for you (eg: a clothes horse or money for the tumble dryers).

Final bit of advice: try to give yourself about a week to pack

Much longer and you’ll constantly be tripping over boxes/cases and having to search for items that you’ve already packed. Much shorter and you’ll find the task a lot more boring, as well as increasing the likelihood of forgetting something.

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