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What to take to University

4 Tips for packing your bag for university:

This post contains some tips about packing your bag for university and so I hope this helps make what can be a stressful task much less stressful.

[1] Don’t pack too much:

This is very hypocritical of me, but don’t fall into my trap of packing too many things.

Firstly, if you’re coming from abroad, you’ll be limited for space and so rest assured that the Wilko’s in Cannon Park will provide you with utensils, bed sheets and your home amenities.

For clothing you will probably (just an assumption, but based on experience) only wear a select few pieces of clothing e.g. your favourite pair of jeans, your favourite few tops and that coat for when it starts to get cold, plus any sports gear you want to bring for sports/exercise-related activity. I can guarantee that most people will bring with them clothes that they’ll only wear once (as I guiltily did).

[2] Take some photos that remind you of home:

I’m not getting a commission to say this, but Snapfish offers 50 ‘free’ photos if you pay the £3.50 delivery charge when you make an account with them.

Also (once again, no commission!), if you’re looking for a place to store your gallery, I find Google Photos is a great platform to use as this offers unlimited photos backup (although it compresses the images).

Why have these photos?

There will be challenges and obstacles that you’ll need to overcome no matter what course or extra-curriculars you do, or how great the people are that surround you. Challenge means growth, but the challenge can require some comfort and so having a window into the past can be a nice thing to provide this comfort.

[3] Taking a smart outfit to wear:

If you want to apply for society interviews or spring weeks and other work-related opportunities, you might want to take something smart to wear (even though such interviews will probably be done online).

[4] Take a pack of cards:

You may think cards are old-school, but I can assure you that there are some great card games to bring people together. Whether it’s two-player Golf, Speed or 66, to a large group playing Rummy, President or Go Fish, card games can be a great social activity and I haven’t even mentioned the drinking games that some like to use them for.

Another suggestion is to buy Code Names. This game is a brilliant one I was recently introduced to and despite its simplicity, it can provide entertainment for hours and stir up some good competition.

Overall, don’t pack too much, take photos to remind you of home, maybe take something smart and consider taking some good games.

Hopefully, I’ll also be able to follow the advice of not packing too much this year!

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