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What to read before you arrive at Warwick- for future law and philosophy students

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University is about independent learning, particularly through reading. Although it is not essential to do the reading before university it will definitely make your life and transition easier. Below I have suggested some books that will provide you with the basics for the first year, particularly with an oversight and revision.  I hope it helps! I have also written whether I would recommend buying it before university, borrow from the university library, buy from 2nd and 3rd years when you arrive. I will also be writing a blog on Politics books I would recommend for future 1st years.


For Law Students:

Law Express books:

  • These are great revision books. In your first year, you will cover tort law, criminal law, land law, Modern English Legal System (MELS) and Introduction to Legal Theory. I did not take all of these modules. I only did tort law but my friends who on a straight law degree also recommend these books. The books come in two parts a revision guide and a prepare for exams guide. Personally, I only bought the revision guide.
  • These books provide case summaries, scholars thoughts and basic principles of that area of law
  • I would recommend buying these as they are good overviews and can be found on places like eBay for a good price. They are also available from the University Library though.

Law Express: Tort Law (Revision Guide): Amazon.co.uk: Emily Finch ...


LLB Answered revision guides:

  • These books go into more detail about topics not only for first-year modules but 2nd and 3rd year as well. Unlike other books, the notes are made up of students notes which I find makes them more accessible in terms of language. I have just bought the Public Law Book for my upcoming Constitutional and Administrative Law exam and what is particularly helpful is these have other students essays with feedback. I would highly recommend these books because they will give you a good understanding of what a law essay requires and how you will be assessed. Please remember the book is a generalisation of LLB Law degrees thus not all topics covered are exactly the same as the Warwick curriculum.
  • I have only found these books to be on their website so you will need to buy them directly. They do have promotional codes and online versions at different prices so make sure you get the best price. They also sell bundles so this may be advisable if you are on a straight law degree.

LLB Law Notes — Law Answered

For Philosophy students:

  • I find most of my philosophy research comes from journals rather than books. Journals are like essays rather than lengthy texts and are normally 20ish pages.
    • I would recommend reading Peter Singers journal articles. These journals will help you with Ethics and Applied Ethics in Year 2 but open your eyes to philosophy in the modern world. I would particularly recommend Famine, Affluence, and Morality: http://personal.lse.ac.uk/robert49/teaching/mm/articles/Singer_1972Famine.pdf
    • Others good journals can be found from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Famine, Affluence, and Morality: Amazon.co.uk: Peter Singer, Bill ...

  • I would also recommend ‘A Very Short Introduction’ books. These give you a good insight into a topic and particularly helpful for finding further sources. The introduction to Philosophy module changes slightly each year but some books I would helpful were:
    • Descartes: A Very Short Introduction
    • Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions ...

  • Crashcourse Philosophy- these are free videos which provide excellent clear explanations of a topic. Be sure to watch these. They also cover topics apart from Philosophy but I think their philosophy ones are some of the best video explanations- available on Youtube

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Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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