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What to pack for uni – Black girl edition

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of general lists on hat to pack for uni, but I wanted to put a little twist on it and make it more specific and tailor it to Black girls. From hair care to food, I’ve got you covered!


Whether you’re wig wearer, braid wearer, or keep your hair under your hijab, I would recommend getting all your hair stuff before coming to uni. While there is a hair shop in Coventry, its likely to be more accessible in your hometown (assuming you live in a big city).

  • Combs: rat tail comb, wide tooth comb, some sort of brush/tangle teezer for detangling
  • Tools: blowdryer, straightener, hot comb, tweezers, edge brush
  • Wig stuff: wig cap, stocking cap, john freida serum, wax stick, rubbing alcohol, got2be, mousse
  • Accessories: hair bands, scrunchies, headband, scarf, bonnet, bandanas
  • Products: shampoo, (deep) conditioner, moisturiser, oil, water spray bottle, edge control

Keep in mind also that there are people in and around the university that provide hair services for student friendly prices. Some include

  • bisola_lace on instagram


  • absglxm


  • dkhair._



There are several nail places in Coventry with the average price for acrylic set being £20 and gel set being £25. Most are found in the city centre which is a 15-minute bus ride from campus. Lily nails is probably the most well-known one, but I don’t think it’s necessarily the best one!

There is also a student who does nails with intricate designs

  • @kpnailsx on Instagram


Religious clothing/accessories

If you are religious, you may forget about items that you are so used to using/ having at home, but you may not have access to at uni.

  • Christian: bible, church clothes and shoes
  • Muslim: Quran, praying abaya/hijab, prayer mat, underlays for hijabs, different hijab colours, nice abayas to wear out


One of my biggest tips would be to get your parents to make you food that you can freeze and bring to uni. I would recommend food that you may not be able to make as easily at uni, perhaps your favourite sauce in bulk. That way you can have a bulk amount of sauce and just make the rice whenever you need. That saves money and time and is a good source of comfort when you miss home food. Once again there is a market in Coventry where you can pick up all your Afro-Caribbean food, but prices are slightly higher.

Depending on your accommodation you will have varying amounts of freezer space but personally my flatmates didn’t utilise much of the freezer space, so I just filled it up with my bowls of fried rice. Anyway, here’s a general list of all things food and kitchen related.

  • Rice cooker (actual life saver)
  • Indomie
  • Yam/plantain
  • Seasonings: maggi, all purpose etc
  • Your favourite snacks: plantain crisps for example

I hope this list has helped you with your last minute uni shopping and gave you ideas for things you didn’t think of.

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