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What to expect Living Off Campus?

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

Now that everyone (hopefully) has finalised their living situations for next year and the stress of scrambling around finding people to house with and fees that fit everyone’s budget is over; now is the time to start thinking about relocating all your possessions from campus to your new humble abode. As a fresher I remember the post exam relief that came with sitting your last paper, but it was all short lived with the new task of having to haul everything out of my campus accommodation into a cab and into my house for next year. Depending on everyone’s situation and respective locations the effort put into packing up may vary and especially depending on the letting contract. Storage companies may be your best bet if your contract doesn’t commence until the actual start of first term for next academic year so make sure you double check when you can officially start moving your belongings into your new accommodation. If storage space is needed for the mean time, some storage companies such as https://www.easystudentstorage.co.uk have certain deals for students that will take the burden off of where to store your items and are equally student budget friendly. The convenience of living on campus is something you will not realise you took for granted until you actually have to start making the extra effort to commute to your lectures whether it be by bus, car, bike or foot. It is however, a new exciting experience and you really start feeling the aura of embarking on legitimate adulthood when you realise you need to start paying for your own bills and settling bin rotas and house cleaning schedules with your flatmates. During the especially colder months of the year; being tactical with the heating system in your flat is key in order to manage the finances and bills efficiently without freezing to death in the process.

Safety is another key factor to keep in mind now that you will be living off of campus. Outside of the actual safe environment of being on campus, coming home at ridiculous hours of the night (or morning if you look at it from another perspective), from a night out or all-nighter at the library is not as practical when you live off of the secure bubble of campus. There are some dodgy areas everywhere whether it be in Leaming ton or Coventry, so make sure you are always alert and travelling with a group of people during these late hours to avoid any unwanted confrontations or incidents. Make sure you are also aware of the emergency hotline numbers and how to report incidents if in worst case scenario something does happen. Keeping a whistle or personal alarm boxes may also add a peace of mind for any of you that happen to find yourself walking the streets alone at night and don’t feel particularly comfortable with the environment you are in.

I did feel quite emotional when I took one final glance into my empty Rootes room before locking the door for the last time and handing over my keys. The fact that it served as my home for my first year of university meant it will always have a little space in my heart. My flatmates are also definitely what I think I have come to miss most about living on campus. It really is true when people say the people who you live with, make it or break it, and they always made me feel like I had a family to always come home to after a long day of lectures. The crazy kitchen moments we had and little inside jokes that would blow up in our Whatsapp group chat just added to the piles of memories I will keep with me forever. Good luck on the next leg of your journey as a university student and look forward to more exciting experiences and memorable moments ahead!

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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