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What to expect for my On-Campus Accommodation?

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

Some of the most exciting aspects of coming to university is the idea that you will be in halls and flats with new people and in a new environment. With so many different residential halls that are available on campus, as a fresher this is very exciting. By now you’ve probably already heard all the different crazy stories about how first year will be on campus and you may be curious to know the type of people you will be living with and what new friends you’ll make with the accompanying crazy experiences as well.

Upon enrolling in Warwick and receiving your acceptance email, it’ll be expected of you to start deciding on which accommodations you want to stay in. During my time applying for accommodation the biggest factors that I took into consideration, were proximity to my department and the general location on main campus, whether I wanted ensuite or shared and of course the price point. The initial step when you begin applying for you accommodation will be a short questionnaire asking questions about your personal interests and preferences as well as how you’re overall personality is. This is the university’s way of being able to match you to other people who share common interests and personalities that align with yours to make sure that the most fitting people are grouped together in flats to ensure good synergy and relationships for the entire three terms you will be living together. Flat drama is best avoided and for the most part it’s uncommon, however everyone is different and some personalities may clash, so just make sure you are considerate and respectful to the others who you will be living with regardless of any disagreements that you hopefully will not encounter.

You are then requested to list down your top four accommodation preferences in order of most wanted to least. When hall assignments are designated you do not always necessarily receive your first choice in most cases, for example I selected Bluebell as my first choice but was assigned to Rootes which was my third choice. Honestly speaking I was not initially that happy finding out I did not receive an accommodation that was ensuite and I worried about having to share a bathroom with multiple strangers. Majority of the accommodations do have a sink inside the rooms so it saves the hassles of lining up in front of a communal washroom to brush your teeth in the morning and evening. Overall despite my woes about the shared bathroom, it ended up working out and I never really had to wait for my turn to use the toilet or shower. The only biggest downsides that I recall were the occasional messy situations that occurred on nights out, but these were always cleaned quickly when the cleaner came around.

My general recommendations for choosing accommodations is to be flexible and open and it really so the company that makes your first year experience. Make sure to bond with your flatmates and always be mindful and respectful of their things including food, since you will be sharing a kitchen together and they will most likely be the people who see on a regular daily basis. No one likes a messy flatmate so always clean up after yourself, especially in the common spaces. Always ask if you want to borrow cutlery or utensils and never knick food that isn’t yours. This will keep you on good terms with everyone you live with and honestly you will meet many amazing people and form friendships that will last for long after you graduate.

Best of luck and enjoy your first year at Warwick!

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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