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What To Do With An Afternoon on Campus

Yesterday, I found myself back on campus for a briefing session for the Open Day this weekend. The session didn’t last for too long, and as my coach home wasn’t leaving Cannon Park until later in the evening, I had a little bit of free time to fill. This can be quite a common occurrence; maybe there’s a couple of spare hours in between sessions on an Open Day or between lectures, or some family are on campus to visit. If you are ever in the position I was in yesterday, here are some of my suggestions to fill an afternoon on campus!


Praying to it’s infinite mystique and wisdom is optional.

Visit the Arts Centre


In particular, take a look in the Mead Gallery or Bookshop.

Go for a bite to eat in an SU food outlet


Curiositea is a favourite of mine, but the Dirty Duck, Xananas and the Bread Oven are also lovely!

Go for a walk through Tocil Woods


If you continue to the lake behind Bluebell, you pass the allotments as well as many, many geese.

Check out what is happening in the Piazza


Okay, so there was nothing happening yesterday, but during term time I’ve been in the Piazza and seen the farmer’s market, societies performing as well as sporting events on the Big Screen!

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