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What to do when in self-isolation

Please check out the NHS and the Governments websites for the latest update on the coronavirus – (COVID -19)




Below are a few ideas to keep yourself occupied, entertained whilst remaining safe in these difficult times


Looking after yourself and keeping positive

Experiment with cooking and eat healthy

Try Mindfulness and Yoga

Start to learn a new language

Clean and tidy where you live and sort out clothes, books etc

Tidy up emails

Volunteer with the NHS

Go for a walk and observe what is around you but keep safe distancing

Try out a new hair style as it is very difficult to have your haircut


Draw/sketch, experiment with pens, pencils paints if you have them

Write some poetry, a short story or a blog about your current experiences in these difficult times

Read a non-academic book

Zoom App – Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool to connect with friends

Listen to music and discover new music

Learn a new musical instrument and or try singing

Watch You Tube/ TV and watch Netflix, or ask friends if they can share their Netflix login

Message/facetime.  Video call friends to make sure they are safe

Stay safe and stay at home

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