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What to do over summer

Aside from getting a job, of course. A few things I wish people had advised me to do in the past in the awkward summer holiday phase between university years:

1. Volunteering. If you don’t work over summer you’ll know what I mean when I say the holiday turns into a vacuum. Once you’ve met up with the friends and family you like and fulfilled your social duties a lingering thought worms into your mind. Maybe I should have got a job… But you’re going on holiday! Nobody wants you if you can’t commit, right? Use the time to get experience/ benefit the local community by volunteering in a charity shop or conservation society etc. No more hums and hahs to the “So what did you do over summer?” question.

2. DO YOUR COURSE READING! In the summer between third and fourth year I finally took this to heart and what a difference it made. You can walk into lectures in week 6 term 1 all puffed like a profiterole pastry since you’re one of the few left who kept up with the reading. The only modules I really fell behind in this year were the ones I didn’t manage to do the reading for.

3. Experiment with recipes, since there won’t be time to discover new cuisine cookery when you’re looking to bash out the remaining 3000 words of an essay due next week. We all know the feeling of looking in your cupboards and despairing about the repetitive nature of cooking pasta 4 nights a week.

4. Don’t let the exercise go slack. It’s no fun wheezing when you get to the top of the stairs age 20. I’ve scooped out which gyms in Edinburgh offer the Body Pump class which tickled my fancy at the Warwick Sports Centre. Now to make sure I actually keep those biceps booping.

5. Don’t worry too much if you find it hard to keep in touch with your bestest uni pals – there’ll be time enough to catch up when back.


That’s it tbh. Amazing how quickly the days get filled innit. 

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