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What To Do On Campus In Your Spare Time

It’s not often that I have a lot of spare time when I’m on campus, but if you do find yourself in this position then here are a few suggestions to make use of this time.

In terms of exploring, love to find new study spaces. I recently came to University House for a group meeting and I think I fell in love. They have a restaurant there that is 10x less busy than the ones on main campus. They also have two learning grids that are nicer than the library and the one in Rootes Building, partly due to the fact that there is sooooo much space and always loads of free seats. I think people don’t consider studying here because they think it’s too far away from main campus, but it’s actually barely more than 200 metres from the Humanities building down a straight road. If that’s not enough to tempt you, they have a variety of interesting plants growing inside…

If the weather is half decent, then take a walk near Tocil wood. There is small lake below Bluebell and Jack Martin accommodation, a walk around which is lovely on a warm summer’s evening (ok so now it’s the middle of winter but have some patience). I’ve yet to venture up to Gibbet Hill yet but I certainly plan to one day.

If you’re twiddling your thumbs, what better thing to do than use this as time to get into shape for summer! Warwick Sport run a number of classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Body Pump and Spinning in the Aerobics Studio on a regular basis and I know a few people who like to go every now and again. If you join a Sports club you can also make many new friends from classes/sessions and the socials that are organised as part of them. If you’re already part of one and have a Warwick Sport membership, don’t forget that you have free access to the Swimming pool. In first year when I lived on campus, I went swimming at the Sports Centre every Sunday afternoon. When exam time comes around, swimming is also a great break from revision.

Why just do one when you can do both at the same time? A personal fave of mine is Humanities café in which I always seem to bump into people I know! Ok so the food isn’t the cheapest but the atmosphere is very pleasant. Regardless of whether your day is filled with lectures or not, it is always nice to take a coffee break with a few people.

If you want something a little more substantial, Library café is great! If you find yourself on campus in the morning with nothing to do, then go for breakfast at Xananas. This restaurant directly above Rootes Grocery Store is a hidden gem that many people forget about. A full English breakfast costs under £3… That’s pretty much the best deal you can get at Warwick.

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