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What to Do in Summer as an Incoming Warwick Undergraduate

If you’re browsing OurWarwick as an incoming Warwick undergraduate, then this post is for you where I’ll cover some tips on how to best spend your summer before university.

First and foremost, you’re probably exhausted from year 13 (or equivalent) exams so be sure to have a good rest over the summer. In this post, I’ll cover my tips on how you can prepare by exploring career options, and in a future post, I’ll cover pre-module preparation you can undertake if you happen to be an incoming Economics student.

I do not want to bring in the notion of career paths to stress you out, but with a diversity of ambitious people at Warwick, you will quickly find that there are many people already thinking about their careers early on. Again, it is not a problem if you would prefer not to think about careers, and it is certainly not the be-all end-all, however, even going through application processes and having some idea of what your future trajectory beyond university looks like will save an immense amount of stress.

The jobs market can be extremely competitive and the pandemic has sent shockwaves through many industries, so building your own unique strengths and exploring where you might want to go is something your future self will probably thank you for. For example, spring weeks are available to first year students which you may or may not have heard of, and most of us find applying to these a steep learning curve. You can massively increase your chances when applying to such opportunities through networking and uncovering the hacks to making a successful application.

Including a ‘game plan’ for applying would make this blog post too long, but you can visit a website I made called ‘interngameplan.com’ if you would like to see some more extensive tips on making a successful application.

For a brief insight, this preparation might involve a minimum of preparing your CV and could extend to arranging networking calls with people in the industry and at Warwick that have gone through the process. For example, if I were an incoming first year, after preparing my CV (I include CV guidance on the ‘InternGamePlan’ website), I would think about new societies to join by checking their websites and Facebook pages. I wouldn’t just think about the large ones, such as the Warwick Finance Societies (shameless plug), but also more unique ones such as the Gliding Society, which I regret turning down because of a fear of heights.

Secondly, I would also arrange 10-minute calls with people in finance, consulting and entrepreneurship to explore where I might want to pursue a career. Again, I include a snippet on the interngameplan.com website in terms of hacks to doing this as I know how you feel if you think making networking calls is beyond your comfort zone, but it becomes much easier with practice.

Remember, don’t stress if you want to avoid thinking about careers and stay tuned for the next post on how you can get ahead with Economic History preparation if you’re an incoming Economics student.

If, however, you do want to prepare, then I can assure you that you won’t regret it:

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” ~Bobby Unser.

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