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What To Do During The Summer Before Your 1st Year

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far and making the most of the odd episodes of hot weather. If you’re a prospective student who is hoping to come to Warwick in October, this summer will probably be your best summer ever – mine definitely was! Be sure to have fun after all the A Level stress you’ve been through, and before you start University life. There are a couple things to keep in mind before you start University in the upcoming academic year, as this current summer will probably be your longest summer ever so it’s a good idea to get some things done. Of course, what you do in summer differs for every person and individual circumstances, so just take these things as pointers!

My main thing that I’d recommend you do during the summer before you start University is to get a job and save money. Your first term of your first year will probably be the most expensive term of your entire Uni experience, so it’s best to have a good amount of money saved up so you can properly enjoy your freshers week. You’ll also need money for other social events since first term is the main time when you’ll want to meet new people and branch out, so the more money you have saved up then the less restricted you’ll be. During first term, you’ll also have numerous start up costs like paying for gym, clubs and society memberships as well as buying last minute things that you may have forgotten to buy for your room/kitchen during the summer. Therefore, having extra money for unexpected costs allows for a less stressful first term. In terms of jobs, the best that I found to have during summer was a 0 hour contracted job as it allowed me to pick and choose when I wanted to work, and then jump back into work during the Christmas and Easter holidays. I specifically worked for a beauty agency, whereby I worked on beauty counters and fragrance stands for luxury brands in various stores across London, so in summer I did as many shifts as I could to save up enough money.

Of course you also need to have fun during summer. Do spontaneous things with friends and family, especially holidays, because in future summer breaks you’ll likely be working full time for internships or work experience. Therefore, take advantage of the free summer you have right now to do all the fun things you’ve ever wanted to do. During my summer after Year 13, I went to Barcelona and New York whilst then doing all sorts of fun things when I was back in the UK.

Another key thing to get sorted during summer is to buy your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen essentials. I have written a blog post about the essential University checklistwhich lists everything that you need to buy for University – slowly buy these things over the summer. It is best to look out for any summer homeware sales and buy things when items are on offer. You don’t want to buy everything last minute and then get yourself worked up over stress!

Lastly, during the summer try to network with people that will be in your course, your flat and a fresher in October at the University of Warwick in general. The easiest way to do this is to join and follow a bunch of pages on Facebook that are for 2017/2018 freshers and the relevant society pages. You can search up and follow any societies that may be of interest to you – it also allows you to get a feel of the things that go on at the University. You can also start up a Facebook messenger group for the people that will be in your course, so that way you can all get to know each other and stay updated with how everyone is preparing for the new academic year. It helps to know some friendly faces before you come to Uni, so that way it is less daunting and you can also meet up with course mates when going to lectures in the first week so you don’t get lost and aren’t on your own.

Overall, my main advice is to have fun and enjoy your summer before starting University – the University lifestyle is completely different to anything you ever would have experienced in regards to study and responsibility. Therefore, enjoy any freedom that you currently have and excite yourself for your future at Warwick! I look forward to seeing you all in October, and good luck for A Level results day! My next blog post will hopefully be situated around results day and some tips that I have, so look out for that in the next couple of weeks.


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