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What to do after your Open Days?

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As summer approaches fast, students across the country find themselves visiting town after town, campus after campus, and accommodation after accommodation for many a university open day. What do you do after travelling sometimes hundreds of miles between visits?

Make a list

Go through the universities you visited and write down your thoughts about them; maybe even rank them based on important criteria including location and accommodation for example. People will be interested in different things in a university and by finding the ones that have important criteria for you, it can help your choice even more. This might be a range of societies, the perfect city or campus location, or anything else you might want. If you end up struggling between universities, it could help be the decider for your choices.

Look at the courses

Yes, you might have visited a university that ticks all the boxes in terms of university life, but what about your course? If the university doesn’t have the course you want to study, or no modules you are interested in, then it should be considered whether or not it is worth applying to these places. Your course is the main thing you will be doing with your 3-4 years at this one place, and enjoying the content/finding it interesting will definitely help through your time.

Read the literature

Okay, so maybe don’t read all 500 leleafle you were given over the weekends you visited places – but don’t throw them away. Reading them might actually give you vital information including grades required, course structure, or content in some cases. If you are unsure about any common questions, it is likely to be in there.

If you have the opportunity to follow up any contacts you make on the day, then do! Lecturers are really helpful when being able to all questions about applications or the course and can provide valuable insight, especially if you want to know more after the open day!

Hopefully this has been useful to read to cut down as you start to consider your choices and applications next year – as always, let me know any questions down below!

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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