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What to bring to uni

In this guide, I want to talk to you about some of the things that you definitely should bring for your first or even second year of university. I will try to avoid listing the necessities and the obvious stuff like towels, bedding, cutlery, pans and a laptop. This list is something I wish I have read before coming to Warwick, as this might have saved me many Amazon purchases or trips to Wilko. But please comment below what I forgot about and what else you are bringing! I will try to include as many things that maybe you even have not thought of! 

I will divide my list into different categories:

For or just electrical items

  • You will need something to protect your laptop/iPad from your packed lunch. I don’t think I need to stress out the importance of having your notes all and secure. That is why I suggest you get a case for one of the most essential things ensuring your academic success. 
  • I’m guessing you will have a lot of electronic devices. And they all need to be plugged in somewhere. Therefore I suggest you bring an extension cord to ensure everything has a special plug! 
  • If you want to throw a kitchen party or just relax in your room, what better way to create a mood than with music! For that, you will definitely need a speaker. I cannot count how many times I wished I had a good speaker in my first year. 
  • I don’t need to tell you – you will use your phone a lot. And to continue using it, you will need to get a good power bank. Even though there are USB or standard plugs around campus and on the buses, I still think it’s worth investing in one. 

For and just decorations

  • To make the empty dorm walls more homey and match your personality put up some posters! Command Strips are perfect for that! (It is not a paid sponsorship; trust me, I wish it were) They don’t take off the paint from the walls; you can always take them off and are durable. 
  • To set the right mood in your room or kitchen, you will need some special lighting. For that, you definitely should get LED or fairy lights
  • Once you move in, you will need to give your room some of your personality. As I said, you can do with the LED/fairy lights, but you also should remember to bring something which will remind you of homewhich may resemble something you have in your room in your house. It could be a photo frame of your family, friends back home or pets. This will help you settle in or get rid of the feeling of homesickness. 

Other useful stuff

  • To freely walk around your room and all of the common areas of your flat I would highly suggest you get some slides. During my first year, they saved me tons of time on having to tie my shoelaces. 
  • Trust me, you will get sick a lot, especially during the first couple of weeks of uni. It’s connected to all the different and new bacteria in your setting. To lessen the effects of the inevitable cold, you should get Vitamin C pills. 

I hope my list has helped you a bit. Hopefully, it will save you some trips to Cannon Park☺️ Please do let me know if I have forgotten about something, and happy moving in!

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