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What the post-graduation blues are like and how to cope with them

Graduation is overall a very weird time. On the one hand. you have this overriding sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself. You have done it!  You’ve worked yourself mentally and physically into the ground but you have come out the other side. On the other hand, you have the feeling of genuine emptiness and uncertainty. What do I do next? Am I ready for it? Ultimately both feelings create an atmosphere of confusion but happiness on your final day on campus.  


Next steps

The biggest reason many people end up panicking into doing a masters or a graduate job they don’t like is the fear of uncertainty. From the age of 4, you are filed into a flow chart for success. Primary School – Secondary School – A levels – Uni, and that is all you know. Until the day comes, you never worry or notice that nothing comes after uni. So when you get there and realise there is no path to follow anymore, loneliness and worry can easily settle in. The best thing to do here, I’ve found, is to get a plan. Any plan. It can be a 5-year plan (big up Stalin) or a week-long plan. Giving yourself your own artificial structure enables you to work towards something and accomplish something even if it isn’t fixing everything all at once.


Enjoy Yourself

Another big thing is to just relax. We’ve been working hard since the age of 4 to get to this education. Our parents, teachers and society as a whole have put an insane level of pressure to achieve this, so now we have, let’s enjoy it a bit and kick back and relax. We didn’t spend all this time and money just to start worrying about something else. It is a small thing but can make a world of difference.


Dive in head first

The next steps after uni are going to be scary to everyone. The best thing you can do is throw yourself into it. Whether that is applying for jobs, going to interviews, going travelling or starting a job you already have – just go for it. It will be okay and if it isn’t, you will learn from it and things will be better in the future.


Good luck to everyone starting their graduation journey, or to those just starting their university experience now. 

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