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What the Inspiring Women Student Series is really like…

So far I have attended two of the Inspiring Women Student Series sessions. I booked a place on many others as well but something would always come up and of course work comes first.

Warwick has had a lot of speakers since the start of the series and therefore two may not sound very representative of the whole range but there are things between the two sessions that I picked up to be very similar and therefore perhaps some things can be seen as common themes that makes this event series particularly amazing.

I do want to emphasise that everything in this blog is how I feel about the event series and doesn’t necessarily represent the views or objectives of the organisers/ speakers of the events.

The speakers do not just informally recite their CVs.

–– Instead the events entail very much a fascinating mix of both their personal and professional lives. Not only do they mention the difficulties in professional life but also the barriers in their personal life that were a hindrance and how they dealt with it all.

The speakers are not there to force you to feel inspired or to show off how wonderful they are.

–– In fact, they don’t even mention the word inspiration in that context –instead they narrate their story and you feel inspired yourself especially when you can relate to something. They won’t tell or expect you to be amazed and transformed after the talk – the idea really is to listen to their story and use the lessons to write your own.

They don’t just tell you random facts about their lives

— Everything they say has a point and they do make it very explicit what point they’re trying to make by sharing a certain aspect of their life. These are often things you want to jot down especially if it’s a new tip or strategy you’ve not heard of before.

One thing I would really like to emphasise is that the events are open to all. The stories can be listened to and used as an inspiration by all and the morals and lessons that the speakers share are universal. It is the inspiring women who are the speakers but doesn’t mean that the inspiration can only be soaked by women. Besides, these events are very good for broadening your knowledge as well. For example, the one on 14th Nov was by a researcher –Dr Khursheed Wadia –  working in the field of gender and women and she shared some really interesting insights into how some elements of our society are the way they are due to gender inequality.

Finally, you do have the opportunity to ask questions and network with the speaker, with tea, coffee and cakes on offer!

I’ll continue to try going to as many as I can and if you see me at any of the future events, do say hello!

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