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What Team Warwick means to me

All around campus at the moment are banners with various sportspeople on promoting their own clubs and #teamwarwick. Team Warwick essentially unites all the sports clubs of Warwick under one university team, and this is shown in terms of the kit we wear and in giving support to other clubs. Varsity matches against Coventry Uni are coming up, and I’m sure the full force of Warwick will be behind the teams competing.

However, Team Warwick now means something a little different to me. It isn’t centred in the sports clubs, but in the people of Warwick, those I know well and those not so well. Last Saturday I dislocated my knee while on a night out at Skool Dayz in the SU (it’s a recurring injury for me, unfortunately my shapes aren’t that extreme). I clung to my friends as they led me to a first aider and down into the SU foyer. One of the First Aiders working that night named Ollie stayed with me and my rowdy group of friends, trying to distract me from the agony caused by my kneecap out of place, and I thank him for his positivity and patience.

My flatmate’s friend then called an Uber to take me to hospital, not knowing me well but helping me when I needed it. Three of my flatmates came with me, practically carrying me through the hospital doors and waiting patiently outside with a Lucozade to boost my spirits. Vialli’s chips were waiting for me at home, and I had various text messages from friends and near strangers who had heard the news and wanted to see if I was okay.

On Monday while hobbling slowly to classes with a knee brace, in a 5-minute walk three of my cheerleader friends stopped to ask how I was, everyone pledging to help me in any way they can. I go to move from whatever seated position I am in and my friends tell me to remain seated, so they can grab whatever it is I need. The long recovery time means I’ve had to pull out of multiple dancing competitions and commitments, and while I’m incredibly disappointed all my coaches and teachers have simply wished me a speedy recovery. I’ve been given countless lifts to campus, some even driving completely out of their way so I wouldn’t have to walk too far. Strangers have moved from their seats on a crowded bus so I could sit, smiled at me while I struggled to walk down the road, or held a door open for me longer than usual.

So, thank you to the whole of Team Warwick, friends and strangers, students and otherwise, for making a pretty rubbish time all the more bearable. While I could have meddled through somehow, I’m so grateful for everyone who has made my life that little easier and lifted my spirits. And that is what Team Warwick is really about, not winning sporting competitions, but coming together as a community to support one another, and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this team.

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