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What should you be doing during the middle of term….

Week 5 is here, my goodness the time has flown by so quickly. I’m still suffering from a cold and I am now on antibiotics. Great. But it will be fine, we can get through this. Just one step at a time. Here’s an important checklist for those in the middle of their first term!

  • Started to think about housing next year- just think about the people and how you like to work, travelling and your expenditure. Don’t rush into your living arrangements because your home for the next year cannot be decided on irrational choices and without decent planning. (p.s there are other places to live beside Leamington).
  • Accepted that not everyone on your course is going to be your best friend!
  • Understood that there is no obligation to go to every society event, pick and chose where and when you want to go.
  • Use society events to catch up with friends and make new ones at the same time.
  • Have you thought about your assignments?
  • Make reading lists for yourself per week
  • Visited your other friends? You probably will never get the free time in the future to go!
  • Gone to the doctors? checked your symptoms?
  • Checked your weight and simple health checks- any concerns book an appointment with your doctor. Don’t let any concerns slip your mind.
  • Arranged appointments with your tutors about your progress and issues with your work
  • Booked a careers meeting? Start thinking about work experience and opportunities to make your CV highlight your personality and skill set
  • Cleaned your room? Your bedsheets? Hoovered, mopped, dusted, wiped your home so it’s nice and clean?
  • Paid for your society memberships?
  • Paid back any friends you owe money to?
  • Planned to see your family?
  • Christmas break plans? Work experience, volunteering or even further application applications?

These are just some key ideas that popped into my head that I am now thinking about. Deadlines will honestly creep up on you now and throw you out of your comfort zone. So I want you to prepare yourself. You need to ensure that you have the right tools to do your best and have had the appropriate guidance on how to use those tools and most importantly have given yourself enough time to work with them to create the best piece of work. Time is very precious use it wisely.

Enjoy Halloween for those celebrating and have a great week 5! Any further questions just let me know!

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