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What should I do if I am bored of eating, sleeping, baking, and watching Netflix?




I thought I’d share some of my favourite books that I’ve read (more than once) over the last few years.


1. Gone Girl


The main character’s (Nick) wife (Amy) goes missing on their 5 wedding anniversary. Then police find traces of blood in their house and Nick quickly becomes the main culprit in the murder of his own wife. There are flashbacks to how Nick and Amy first met and how their relationship began to fizzle out. Without spoiling the plot of the story all I can say is, is that not everything is as it seems. Whether the story has a happy or sad ending really depends on you to be honest. This is what I love about the book – its not just happy or sad – its completely subjective. I actually don’t think this had a happy/sad ending I was quite annoyed by the ending because it was good and bad.


2. Before I go to sleep


In this book a woman has an illness that erases her memory when she goes to sleep because of an accident she has. Everyday she wakes up in the morning and has no idea who she is or where she is. Over the course of the book she regains parts of her memory and finally learns what happened to her the day she had an accident and lost her memory. I think this book has a happy ending but then again it is subjective.


3. No time for goodbyes


In this book a girl has an argument with her parents and goes to bed (typical teenage). When she wakes up the next morning her dad, mother and brother are gone! She ends up being adopted by her aunt and gets married. Her aunt reveals some suspicious info to her and there are some weird event that happen in her life that prompt her and her husband to try and find out what happened to her family. She ends up making many revelations and sees her family in a completely different light. I just googled this book and apparently there is a sequel called: No Safe House (No time for goodbyes #2)!! 😮




My descriptions of these books are quite wishy washy, but I tried to explain them as well as I could without giving away too much! I can assure you that my vague descriptions are because the books are so brilliant that I don’t even have the words to explain them!


If you couldn’t tell by my suggestions, I am a huge sucker for psychological thrillers; they are literally the only genre of books I read. Drop your favourite books in he comments below (even if they’re not psychological thrillers!) ?

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