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What should I bring to uni to make it feel homely?

Something that reminds you of home. Whether it’s a photo of your family, your bedroom or a teddy. Coming to uni can always feel weird. For most of you it’s the first time you’re moving away from home, from your family. You may feel homesick, so the best way to combat this is to try and make your room remind you of all the things you love about your homeplace. Personally, I felt more homesick after Easter when I had spent a lot of time at home and then came back to uni. In October, I was more excited than nervous.

A game. Everyone remembers the important stuff like pots and pans, clothes etc etc. The one thing that I thought was useful was breaking the ice. Whether this is a pack of cards, monopoly, or cards against humanity. This is a great way to make friends with the others in your flat in the first few weeks and also a great way to continue the year.

A speaker. Whether you’re having (socially distant) pres in your kitchen or just like listening to music in your spare time. A speaker is nice to have so that everyone can hear the music. It’s especially nice in the summer if you decide to play some sports on Oculus Green. It always helps to be the person with the things that no one else has thought about.

These are some of the things that you might not have thought of but are useful when you start and don’t know many people but are also helpful throughout the year when you are trying to enjoy yourself.

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