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What My First Year Taught Me

When I got into to uni and told people that I was going into my first year, I was told the exact same thing by every single person: “you’re going to have so much fun!”. I did not believe them. “Sure,” I thought to myself, “freshers is going to be fun, but can it really be fun?”. But, looking back at the end of the year, I can see that not only did I have a lot of fun, I also learnt a lot that I wasn’t expecting to:

Your flatmates will drive you up the wall, but you’ll still love them.

My flatmate would tell me off for leaving my teaspoon next to the kettle after I made tea. Sometimes I could hear people singing through the walls at 3 in the morning. People set fire alarms off. We had arguments over ridiculous things. But overall, I loved my first year flat and while sometimes we drove each other crazy, I knew there was always someone there to have a cup of tea in the kitchen if you needed it.

You will do things you never thought you would.

Not in a cheesy “I am superwoman” way but in a “I never thought I would have to fight off a goose with my handbag” kind of way. Uni lets you do random stuff you never thought you would and it is super fun, even if my handbag has beak marks all over it now.

Woman cannot survive off toast, and toast alone.

Some days I was so ill/tired/hungover that I could not stomach the thought of anything other than toast and marmite. While this is good for one meal, I wouldn’t recommend toast for every meal for two days while you have a deadline coming up. At least put some beans on there.

Naps are literally the greatest thing on Earth.

I have a nap time and I am not ashamed. Between three and four every day, I am usually found dozing if I am not in a lecture. Naps fortify you for the evening ahead and reward you for the day gone by. They restore you if you’re sick and cheer you up if you’re sad. The only thing I would say is that I’m working this summer and the nap withdrawal is real and painful, so maybe don’t become as addicted as I did (easier said than done.)

Writing essays at University is mad confusing.

In my psychology A-Level, I didn’t actually have to write any essays. When I came to uni I was more used to writing essays for English than Psychology and they are very different in style. In the first term, it can be confusing – you have to learn how to reference, how to structure, how to write in a concise and scientific manner and keep to the word count. It can seem like a whole new way of writing and can be very stressful. All I would say is, the psychology department have loads of resources on writing essays and give you lots of support on the first one you write. Don’t get too overwhelmed.

You don’t have to go it alone.

While I had an incredible first year, the first term was really tough, and even after that there were times when I just wanted to go home and eat macaroni cheese. But Warwick has support systems in place – I have cried in my personal tutor’s office more times than I can count (sorry, Fiona) and started emailing a counsellor in my second term. I had amazing friends who let me rant to them in the kitchen and overall I found that I cannot just rely on myself – other people are there and willing to help if you need it.

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