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What makes WBS successful? Not the mannequin challenges.

If we analyze, Warwick Business School just came to birth in 1967. Compare this with some of the country’s largest Universities, we are just about 100 or 200 year younger than them. However, see the league tables, ask the Graduate recruiters or notice some of our prominent alumni, it can be observed, WBS has certainly made a mark! To shed light, success on the face of it just appears all glory but it certainly involves a lot of effort. In my view, listening to student feedback is one big reason of this remarkable rise.

I have luckily had the chance to be associated with WBS as a student of course. However, I have been involved in some other roles at WBS too and that has certainly been one of the highlights for me in my 13 months journey at Warwick so far. I firstly served as a Secretary in the SSLC of WBS- ”Student Staff Liaison Committee” ( Student Council in simple words). This year I am Co-chairing the WBS SSLC. This role has provided me with endless opportunities to interact with WBS staff working behind the scenes. In fact, not only opportunities, as a Vice Chair, it is part of my role now. And every time I bring a student issue to them, they actually listen! Yes. Listen is the word. Now, SSLC at WBS does not solely exist as a formality. The staff take time out to listen to us and actually act upon it. They are busy people, indulged in their routine working hours, however, I clearly see, part of their working hours is to listen and act upon student issues. And importantly, ‘acting’ on this Feedback is what keeps taking WBS forward I believe.

Moreover, the WBS leadership decided to involve more of student voice in their policy making this year. What this meant for me as SSLC Vice chair was that twice a term, I get a chance to attend a meeting with the some of the most senior WBS staff and teaching fellows. This Undergraduate Programme Committee (UPC) designs future WBS policies, and I get a chance to contribute to their say. In fact, as I represent WBS students, the WBS student voice finds a channel.

Secondly, I am also involved with WBS as a student blogger (quite obviously) and this year became the Student Ambassador for WBS alongside. I enjoy these roles as it allows me to convey my genuine passion. Being involved in these roles, there is no such pressure applied on us to mould our thoughts into any already painted certain sculpture. I will write it clearly, I have never had the University to tell me to write certain things. All that comes out are my own thoughts (as much as it sounds like I am trying to market Warwick).

Meanwhile to round off, I will inform what is on this week with WBS SSLC. We work hard, but we play harder of course. If you found out some time from your social media newsfeeds to read my blog, I will certainly like to present you this month’s trend in my blog too. Below are some screenshots of our SSLC team trying their luck at the Mannequin Challenge:



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