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What kind of modules can you take in Law?

Two (almost three!) years ago, I picked Warwick as my firm choice partly because I loved the idea of ‘Law in Context’ and because I felt that that concept was really echoed in the modules that Warwick’s Law School offered. Since Term 1 is coming to an end, I think that now is a good time to tell you about the optional modules that I picked this term, because I enjoyed all of them so much.

Before I start, I want to say that all of the modules below, I picked because I’d studied snippets of them in International Law and in Writing Human Rights (my optional modules from second year) and I’d loved these topics so much, however briefly they were mentioned last year <3 So I’d say that if you’re not too sure which modules to pick, definitely think about what you’ve enjoyed so far, and ask yourself what you’d like to study more in depth. 


For me, these modules were….

Climate Change and Law:

What is it about? 


This module covers various topics related to the current climate emergency and its legal implications. We discussed climate science and the impacts of global warming (especially on more vulnerable populations), how tackling climate change requires us to re-think our economic, political and legal systems, the ideas that have been suggested to reduce emissions and so much more! Despite its name, this module doesn’t feel too much like a law module, because it’s less about what the law is, and more about what we need the law to be right now, and that made it so interesting!


Why did I like it?

·      Remember how Law in Context is a big thing at Warwick? This module really embodies that! Every week our lecturer started off our lectures by discussing current headlines with us, so it felt like we were actively engaging with everything happening in the world now.

·       It was a great mix of science, politics, law and more!



National Liberation, Imperialism and International Law:

What is it about?


It’s about so much! We covered the origins of empires and imperialism, theories of colonialism, national liberation movements, and looked at how international law interacted with all of those. It’s a lot of history, a lot of politics, and some law interspersed throughout, and it forced us to re-evaluate history and our own assumptions about the international system.

Why did I like it?

·      The authors whose works we read and discussed in lectures were all super interesting and offered me a new perspective on the subject.

·      It was such an engaging module, and it’s really encouraged me to question why things are the way that they are. 

·      Having only studied national liberation movements and imperialism as part of my history lessons in high school, I loved covering them much more in-depth and from new points of view.



Global Health Law:

What is it about?

It’s about everything from tobacco companies, to AIDS, to breastmilk substitutes, to sugary drinks, to Big Data… We studied the development of the global health system through a series of case studies, in order to better understand why it operates the way that it does today. More importantly, we were encouraged to ask ourselves whether the system that we had today was the best that it could be, and taught to spot its achievements and flaws. 



Why did I like it?

·      Our lecturer showed us films every week so that we could familiarize ourselves with the case studies. This made the case studies much more memorable and engaging, and it also allowed us to be critical of the films themselves (whose perspectives do they represent? Are they showing the full picture?)

·      This might seem like a very obvious reason but global health law is just such an interesting subject overall, and it’s not until I started studying it in depth this year that I realized how much of our lives are influenced by it!


So here you go, here are all of my Term 1 modules- I’ll miss them so much! <3

Hopefully this blog can help you out if you’re trying to pick a firm choice for UCAS, or if you’re already a student here and are wondering which modules you might like!


Feel free to ask me any questions you might have! 

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