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What I’ve gained from university…(a letter from a graduate)!

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Outside of university, I enjoy writing blogs and sharing advice…
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I’ve only gone and graduated with a degree in Psychology with Education studies👩🏽‍🎓. It still feels surreal that I am moving onto the next chapter of my life, when not-so-long-ago I was moving into my first-year accommodation at Rootes🏠.

Time flies✈️.

Especially when you are having fun.

Now, of course, I experienced lows during my degree. A sense of hopelessness, stress and anxiety surrounding my academics, but also about the situations that were outside of my control. But still, I can reflect on my university journey as being extremely special. Ignorance may be bliss, but hindsight is a blessing✨.

What I am trying to say is, whatever season you are in – it does not represent your whole story. It does not define you, even if it feels like it does. And it will not last forever. It’s hard to believe this when you’re in it, but you have to trust that everything will work out – that the higher power knows exactly what they are doing.

I feel like my story was crafted into something that I would not change for the world🌏. Here are a couple beautiful things that I have gained from university👇🏽:

  1. The ability to critique and debate🗣

You may have completed the traditional secondary and college education system. Therefore, you may have also been told what to wear, what to do, where to go, how to do things, what the right answers are, and what the wrong answers are – for the majority of your life. University on the other hand, encourages students to think for themselves, reflect on what was learned and apply this independently. I have never been more challenged😭. And I have never grown so much🎉. I feel confident enough to be able to analyse, critique and debate my way out of any dilemma.

2. Friendship👯

I came into university prepared to be a lone wolf. But I received the opposite experience. Genuine friendship was one of the strongest backbones of my time at university. Being able to escape through laughter and relationship with people who cared for my needs and my character was therapeutic and comforting. When I reflect on my time at university, I see the faces of these specific people. It would not have been the same without them.

3. The ability to communicate, form relationships and find commonality🤝

Going into the “real world” has taught me how important interpersonal skills are. In secondary school, there is no need to speak to random people, but at university it is encouraged. Every conversation is a learning opportunity, a networking opportunity or a friendship opportunity. I have appreciated my conversations with staff and students across campus🤩. I have bounced opinions off people, and expanded my thinking as a result of this. Because of this, I am able to find common ground with almost everyone I meet, and appreciate the differences that are present between us.

4. Faith✝️

My faith has been the largest part of my university experience. It has only strengthened by having access to Christian communities across campus. I am grateful to have had these safe spaces created for me and other believers⛪️. The foundation of faith that I have built whilst at university, will forever be the foundation that I stand on in other settings.

5. Work experience📈

You name it, I did it. Vice president of a society. Fundraising for an abroad teaching opportunity. NCS youth team leader. Placement student at Think Higher. Teach First Insight Day. Frontline Brand Ambassador. Frontline Summer Internship. Psychology blogger. Student Minds blogger. Cognoscenti blogger. Tap dancer (barely 😂). This is not to gloat, but to show you what is possible if you take advantage of the opportunities made available to you🙌🏽. I am more well-rounded than before starting university. In fact, if I am well-rounded now, then I must have been a triangle! Now I have tech experience, marketing experience, communication experience and project management experience.

All of this is to summarise my university experience and to thank Warwick for these last 3 amazing years.

It has been a journey – and I would do it all again (maybe not the examination parts 😂)!

To anyone still studying, good luck and keep your head up high! Take in every moment because it will be over before you know it🌷.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Outside of university, I enjoy writing blogs and sharing advice…
Find out more about me Contact Rowchell

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