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What it’s like going on tour with a society

When I told people I was going on tour with Hip Hop Dance Society: EQHO, they thought I meant that I was going on tour as in a performance tour dancing. As it turns out, we were simply going on a holiday together. Not that there wasn’t dancing involved…in public, because our society can’t go anywhere without grooving (love you EQHO ❤).

Going on tour with a society is actually a very common thing, and most societies that are large enough will put on such a trip every year, be it international or something within the UK. Society or sports tours are a great opportunity to hang out with your society friends outside of the stresses of the university environment, and get to know each other better outside of the context of what your club is about.

Most society tours stay within Europe to keep the costs as low as possible, and they’re normally three to four days long. Cities are the most popular destinations because of their public transportation, history, variety of restaurants and nightlife. We spent most of our time eating, dancing on public transport and filming music videos around historic buildings, and the non-stop four days of travelling and activity left me exhausted but happy. The activities that you do will vary based on what the tour coordinator decides, but if there’s a particular activity at the destination which you think will be suitable, suggest it!

Travelling as an organised group is a great opportunity to travel for the first time if you have never done so before. You’re surrounded by the collective experience of many people who have travelled before and know all the tips and tricks to help you out, and so long as you stick with the group and don’t wander off, your chances of getting lost are slim. The first time I’d travelled was to America in 2017, and that was for a school trip where I travelled with a large group. I’m glad I did so, for I may never have had the confidence to get on a plane alone otherwise. This trip with EQHO was second time that I’d been abroad but I wasn’t scared of the whole travelling/airport process anymore because I’d already done it before. If I familiarise myself with the place I’m visiting, I’ll never be afraid to go anywhere now.  

Naturally there will be downsides to travelling in such a large group, especially if you are very particular about the kind of things that you enjoy and like to do, but why not embrace it? Tour is an opportunity to try out brand new things that you would otherwise never have done.

If you’re an international student who has come from far away, then using the UK as a base provides a great opportunity to take lower-cost flights to nearby destinations across Europe. The winter and spring breaks are around 5 weeks long, giving you plenty of time to go exploring. Society tours in particular are often relatively affordable.


At its heart, tour is not about where you go but who you’re with, and escaping the stresses of uni work for a couple of days is an added bonus (unless you’re a certain person I know who had to bring their laptop in order to finish an assignment before the deadline…)

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