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What is the best accommodation in Warwick?

The other week my friend was asking me for support with her accommodation application and I realised I would have loved to be able to talk to someone about accommodation that goes beyond the information the university gives you. I’m going to try and give my own personalised opinions on the best options available which will hopefully help in filling in your application

Jack Martin & Arthur Vick

£184 & £180 per week, 35-week let, 12-14 people per kitchen

I’m starting off with these since I lived Jack Martin last year and loved it! These are en-suite options with decent sized rooms and are located very close to the centre of campus. Some of the blocks were very recently refurbished and look very new, especially in Arthur Vick. There are flats as such in Jack Martin and Arthur Vick; you can freely move between the different flats in the whole block which makes socialising very easy as you are not restricted to the people you share a kitchen with.

The main differences are that Arthur Vick kitchens are bigger as they have the kitchen and dining area separate so the dining area doubles as a common room which is very convenient for pre-drinks or kitchen parties. Also, most Arthur Vick rooms only have showers whereas all Jack Martin rooms have bathtubs. The downsides to Jack Martin I would say is that there is limited fridge space however, last year they fitted a mini fridge which I found very helpful. Also, some rooms have green walls (:/) but you get used to it.

Also bear in mind that their let period does not include the five-week Easter holiday so you must vacate your room and move all your stuff out the room. This can be very inconvenient (especially for international students) but there are a few different storage places available around Coventry which is helpful!

Here is someone’s room tour:


£103 a week, 35/40-week let, 16 people per kitchen

Rootes is the most well-known accommodation and known to be wild and sociable. It is also located in the centre of campus which is very convenient. The large flat sizes mean it is always lively but can also be crazy (and messy). Many worry about sharing bathrooms and hygiene but keep in mind that they get cleaned regularly. Additionally, the new Rootes blocks are more modern and have very nice rooms. Some lets are 35-week so you may have to vacate the room!

This is very affordable option and want to get a proper freshers experience if you are the life of the party.

Room tour of someone living non new rootes:


£137 a week, 40-week let, 13 people per kitchen

Claycroft is a middle ground between en-suite and shared bathroom accommodation. You share a bathroom with one other person and have a decent sized room, but the kitchens are a bit on the smaller side. This is also the closest accommodation to Tesco which is very convenient for shopping. Claycroft can be quiet but it also depends on your flat! So, if you prefer a less lively environment then this could be for you.

My friend also made a video that talks about all the accommodation options available:

Hope this helps!

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