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What is life without movies ?

Pei Lim
Pei Lim | Science and Engineering Contact Pei

While student should be hardworking and study diligently, it is nice to watch a movie now and then to relax. There are a few cinema theatre around University of Warwick. Within the University itself, there is the Warwick Art Centre.

The Warwick Art Centre has many events from classical musical concerts to films. There are different films shown every day, however, it might not necessarily show recent films. For instance, the movie which I watched recently, Avengers: Infinity War is not currently shown in the Warwick Art Centre.

If you are looking to watch movies that are released recently, you should opt for movie theatre outside the University. The movie theatre that I went to ODEON and it is located at Coventry Sky dome. It takes around 20 minutes of bus ride (minus the waiting time) to reach there and, just in case you think the theatre would be hard to find, Coventry Sky dome is located right next to a very unmissable IKEA building. I went to watch the movie over the weekend with my friend and we booked a ticket beforehand to get the best seats (the ones located right in the center). If you plan on buying a ticket online, be sure to choose the option for student ticket and make sure that you bring your student card with you when you collect the ticket on the day itself.

Overall, this was my second time watching a movie since studying in UK and I honestly had a great time watching the movie. The only thing that slightly annoyed me was the amount of advertisement shown right before the movie started. The advertisement itself takes about 15 minutes before actually starting the movie. Anyhow, I had a fun time watching the movie and I highly recommend watching this movie even if you are not much of a comic fan. However, it is best to watch the other movie by Marvel first (or at least some of them) before watching Infinity War.

If you want to watch the movie without background knowledge, here are some summarized idea to understand the movie. The movie revolves around the six ‘Infinity stones’ in Marvel Cinematic Universe. These stones each have a power of their own. Currently, there are five stones already shown in other the other movies. The first stone is the yellow stone called the Mind Stone and is able to control mind, it is currently on the head of one of the avengers, Vision. The second stone is the blue stone, aka the Space Stone, is used to create portals to travel to other planets and is a large source of energy. The third stone is the red stone, aka Reality Stone. (Spoilers: it’s ability is shown in this film). The fourth stone is the purple stone, aka Power stone, with ability to destroy planets. The fifth stone is the green stone, aka Time stone, with the ability to manipulate time. The last stone is the orange stone and would be revealed in the film itself. The villain, Thanos, wants to collect all six infinity stones to grant him unlimited power to rule the universe. This is an extremely short summary of information to know before watching the movie.

If you are feeling stressed out for the week and watching a movie is a good way to take a break (provided that you have the time to spare).

Pei Lim
Pei Lim | Science and Engineering Contact Pei

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