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What is it like to be an international student at Warwick?

Cho Sze Wong | English Language and Linguistics Contact Cho Sze

Going to university is often regarded as one of the most important milestones of our life, but the adaptation is never easy. To some people, it’s not just about switching environments, but also travelling across cities, countries, or even continents. Just so you know, I am an international student from Hong Kong.

Before going to university, I did have a lot of worries. I heard rumors like international students having homesickness, unable to adapt to the local culture, or even getting discrimination. I was even mentally preparing myself into getting such things. But after a few months being in Warwick, I realize rumors are just rumors. I’ve actually never experienced any of that, and instead, I’m enjoying myself a lot.

I understand that many of the international offer holders might be in a dilemma of studying overseas or not. You might be thinking: does it worth to pay more to study abroad? Will I be able to get through it? I know I know, I’ve been in that struggle too, and I know that’s awful. But I could tell you that I am glad about the final decision I made, and I’ve never regretted it, not even once. Here’s a few reasons why it does worth studying internationally.

1. Broadening your horizons

Staying in another country, you could definitely experience the local culture in person. In just weeks, I’ve briefly noticed the differences of lifestyle between western people and Asians: people here often take morning showers, salt and pepper are the all-time seasonings, and you say “you alright?” to greet people but not to really ask if they’re doing fine, etc. (Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t mean to offense anyone) What’s more is that you meet different people from around the world here in Warwick. Talk to them, and they’ll be more than will to share their experience, views as well as their home culture with you. It’s always nice to know something new!

2. Learning to be more independent

I know that sounds vague and I used to think it as very simple as well: being alone in another country and you learn to take care of yourself. But in fact, that’s so much more than that! You apply for your student visa, book your flights, do your laundry, do your shopping, rent a house, etc.: all these on your own! Yes, you will encounter more challenges and experience, but that’s also what would make you a capable person.

3. Receiving a different education style

Different countries often having different education systems. For example, in Hong Kong it is often very exam-oriented; but in here I noticed it’s more about thinking outside the box, being open-minded, and seeking knowledge. Being in a different education style might encourage you to learn from a different perspective. And again, it’s good to know how other education systems are like, and perhaps you might end up finding one that is more suitable for you!

I’m writing this blog post wanting more people to know being an international student in Warwick is in fact an amazing experience. If you’re still struggling, worrying about your future university life, don’t be. People here are just wonderful and friendly. Even if you will get yourself into any setbacks, it’s absolutely fine, because life itself is full of challenges and staying out of our comfort zone is exactly what makes our life meaningful! 

P.S. If you have any questions regarding my experience, feel free to ask!

Cho Sze Wong | English Language and Linguistics Contact Cho Sze

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