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What is going on in 2021?

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I found myself on a plane on the 2nd of January going back to Birmingham. Really soon, you might say to yourself. And it was really soon, at least for me. I had to book that flight back to the UK two days before the flight was due, as airlines started cancelling flights to the UK until February. Honestly, being in Leamington Spa was better for me than staying home: better WiFi, no distractions and, what I thought, I would be able to see my friends.

Allas, two days after I arrived, they introduced the lockdown. 

Yes, it sucks. Do I think they should have implemented the lockdown way before Xmas? Yes. But there is no turning back now. One thing that I always think of is that you waste nothing but time. The clock ticks and ticks and all those hours spent on your phone, or watching Netflix, as much as they are times that you might deserve a break, I always find myself with a guilty conscience of “I should be doing work”.

Over the first term at university, as much as I wanted to socialise with my friends and go out with them, I invested a lot of time in myself and my work, but it became an obsession of wanting to work more and more, sometimes even doing work for weeks ahead. It is weird to think that in my second year I was going out at least once a week, that those nights of clubbing would result to a next-day hangover where I was unable to work for at least the first six hours of the day. I still worked, worked hard, but not to the extent in which I am working now. I am proud of myself, and I just have to think “this is your last year, make it worth it!”. But yet again I find myself thinking “this is the last year you get to be with your friends, together, in one place”.

I love being at university. I love living in a place where I am within 10 minutes of my friends, that I am able to pop in their houses or they can easily come to mine. But now I find myself alone in my flat, with barely anyone around (which I am not even able to see due to lockdown). I am working, but you get tired of it. I am a person that is fine being alone, but it gets to a point where you want to see people, have those laughs that aren’t reduced to a phone call.

If anyone feels the same, please know that Warwick Wellbeing services are there if you need anything, especially during these times. If not, you can directly come to me and contact me! Everyone needs some help every now and then. 

Aisha Morales Park | Modern Languages (Spanish, French and Italian) Contact Aisha Morales

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