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What is going good this exam season?

I’ll jump straight into the positives without discussing the inherent sadness in there being something called exams in this world.

  • There ARE seats in the library. I go to the library every day and I can never get ready by 8am. In fact, most of the times, I end up in the library at around 1pm after finishing my lectures and I have never had any problems with finding a seat.
  • You are allowed to have snacks and cold/ hot drinks on the third, fourth and fifth floor of the library during term 3. These are the quiet floors of the library. I was always on the second floor during term 1 and 2 because I like to have snacks/ drinks whilst revising otherwise I can’t focus. During term 3, however, because of exams, you can eat and revise in silence at the same time.
  • I have uninstalled Facebook and Twitter from my phone because I otherwise get distracted very easily. I am loving this and feel like I have a lot more time because now I only use social media when I seriously am taking a break rather than spontaneously ending up checking my Twitter feed when I only intended to check the time.
  • I am using my days much more productively. I tend to waste a lot less time partly because of the deletion of social media apps on my phone but also because I know I have no time to waste. This means I get tired after a whole day of work and sleep well at night. Somehow, I am sleeping a lot more this term than during the previous terms.
  • Everything is coming together now. The whole year I have been revising all the different chapters and now while doing exam questions/ quizzes/ past tutorials and workshops, I am finding myself combining all the knowledge acquired throughout the year and using it to solve problems. Chemistry is sub-divided into physical, organic and inorganic but at the end of the day, it is all chemistry and is all linked. It feels like a nice full circle now (but I won’t comment on how I feel about my upcoming exams because, like I said, I am only discussing the positives).
  • Summer is approaching! I cannot sometimes help taking a break from revision to think about all the things I’ll be doing this summer. My birthday is in August and my this year’s present to myself is going to be a lot of books! I am yet to finish ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ but I am sure I’ll get a lot of reading done.

My first exam – organic – is on Monday. That’s it. I won’t say anything else. Good luck everyone!

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