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What is a society exec and what do they do?

At Warwick there are a multitude of societies and sports clubs, over 250 in fact. You can find a list of them here: https://www.warwicksu.com/societies-sports/societies/

The exec team is a group, elected from the society members, who run the society.

I was on the exec of Hip Hop Dance: EQHO in my second year, where I was secretary. I was elected at the end of term 2 of my first year, and served from term 3 of my first year to term 2 of my second year.

As my experience lies with Student Union societies, I don’t know much about the intricacies of how sports clubs work, although from my understanding their organisational process is quite similar to SU societies.

What do execs do?

Exec members are essential to the existence of a society. They run all the events, administrate the finances, run social media, and work to create a sense of community among the members.

The EQHO 2019-2020 exec:

What are the roles?

There are a variety of different exec roles, the number of which can differ depending on the size of the society. A mid-size society will have around 10 exec members. There are three base roles that each society must have, these being the President, Treasurer and Secretary.

On top of those three, societies may have a variety of roles that suit the needs of that society. For example, an academic or cultural society might have an Academic Co-ordinator, who organises and runs classes. A dance society would have a Performance Co-ordinator. Societies who run annual balls are also likely to have a Ball Co-ordinator to organise it.  

Other common roles include Marketing/Media/Promotional Co-ordinator. This role is given a different name by different societies, but their central role is to promote the society on social media.

Many societies will also have a vice-president, especially larger societies where there is lots of work to do.  

The vast majority of societies will also have one or two social secretaries that run ‘socials’. Socials are just that: social gatherings. These can include movie or game nights, quizzes, outings, club nights, etc. Societies aim to be inclusive by offering drinking and non-drinking socials. It is also the duty of a social secretary to lead ‘circling’. Circling is a Warwick tradition, consisting of a range of drinking games where you’re all sat in a large circle, with punishments if you mess up.

How do you become a society exec?

To become an exec member of a society, you have to go through an election process. Elections can take place in-person or online. The common way this is done is that you will submit a manifesto about why you suit the role you’re standing for. Some societies will ask you to make a short speech and answer some questions, and then society members will vote.

Society execs are most commonly second years and finalists, as elections often take place in term 2 or 3 of the preceding academic year, however many societies also recruit freshers reps at the start of each academic year, and some will occasionally have other roles vacant that they are seeking to fill that a first year could stand in.

You also don’t have to have been a society member from the start in order to run. Many of my exec group joined EQHO at the start of term 2 and were elected at the end of term 2. It’s never too late to join a society! Even though we didn’t know each other very well at first, once we were elected we bonded really quickly.

Being an exec was a challenge, but I really recommend it!

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