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What I’m most excited for in second year

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The first year of university brings a bucket full of emotions and a bucket full of new experiences. For many, it’s the longest they would have been away from home, the most freedom they’ve had and possibly the most workload. For the freshers of 2020, it was slightly different than we had initially thought it would be, but nonetheless I wouldn’t change it if I could. As we approach the next academic year, I wonder how my second year will differ from those before me and how covid will impact my studies. However, no matter what, I know ill try to make the best of it as we all have recently. So here are just a few of the things I’m looking forward to during my second year.

First-year accommodation feels like it can make or break your experience. While all your accommodation really serves as a place to sleep and eat, it is nice knowing you got your first or second choice. It also does help to get on with your flatmates so you can avoid awkward kitchen silences. I loved living on campus in my first year and being able to explore the neighbouring areas, but I am excited to move on to the next chapter in my university life. Living on campous with such a large community is definitely something I will miss. I loved the experience of sharing a kitchen and communal area with 12 other people as it meant I got to meet people from all walks of life and doing various degrees. The stability of campus accommodation is also a plus, knowing if something went wrong, there was always someone just a phone call away. However, for this coming year, I’m excited to be in a smaller house with my close friends. Being able to really make the space feel like a home rather than a student dorm. Whilst we’ll still have the support of having a landlord, there defiantly is something that feels more independent with living off-campus. Second-year accommodation brings many perks for me the main one being when picking my house making sure it had features that we all wanted, like a bath and garden.

For me being in second-year accommodation means a complete change of scenery. I know for many Warwick students, places to live are limited to these choices: Kenilworth, Kannely, Coventry and Leamington. There’s pros and cons to all of these. My flatmates and I have chosen to live in Leamington, whilst it’s the furthest away, there are great bus routes and busy nightlife options. I’m mainly just excited to live somewhere new and experience the culture living in a different town. However, even if you stay living at home or close to uni, the likely hood is that your friends will be living in these places and you’ll be visiting them often.

While many of my excitements for next year revolve around social activities, I am pleased to choose new modules. Depending on your course, you will either follow a set of modules everyone on your course must do or be able to pick one or two for your second or third term. I had gotten the option to pick one module in my first year. It was really exciting to be able to choose something I was passionate about and relevant to other aspects of my course. Whilst that is the same again for this coming year, I now know what topics I’m especially interested in and can pick accordingly.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Emma Buckingham | Media and Creative Industries Contact Emma

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