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What I would tell 18 year old me about University

The Summer I received my A Level results felt like the longest Summer ever. I remember having all sorts of questions and concerns, along with feeling reluctant to get excited- just in case it didn’t work out the way I wanted. So here are a few things I wish I had known in the Summer before University and what 20 year old me- in my second year of University- would tell 18 year old me, waiting for results day.

What do I do if I don’t get the grades?

You start by not panicking. I woke up, set up 2 laptops and an iPad (as we had been warned the systems may crash) and saw my grades first. I needed A*A*B to get into my First Choice- Exeter. And AAA to get into my second choice- Warwick. I woke up to AAB and an A* in my extended project. So I was pretty certain I would be going through clearing. But this is where I would tell 18 year old me to chill. And check UCAS- this is where I found Exeter had offered me a slightly different course, and Warwick had offered me a place. Another tip I would have given myself- don’t look on Facebook while you are waiting. Or look at your phone too much. A lot of my friends had woken up to an acceptance email and put it on Facebook or text others- this added to my panic!

Am I prepared for University?

Yes you are as prepared as you can be! University needs next to no preparation. Unless you are sent an email, then you just need to sit tight. If a department requires you to do work before you get to University, it will all be sent to you in plenty of time. Once you get an offer from University, and I would imagine this goes for most, you will be able to set up a University specific email address. When you start University, checking your emails will become part of your routine.

In terms of being prepared for halls of residence, you actually ‘need’ very little- how much you choose to bring is a completely different thing altogether. Of course, all Halls at the University of Warwick Campus are kitted out with a bed, a desk and storage. In Arthur Vick accommodation (the one I stayed in during my first year) the accommodation even supplied bedding and pillows. Curtains are included too. If I’m being honest, I over-pack. Every single time I go to University, whether it’s after Christmas or even at the end of a term, I manage to fill the car. I like to have trinkets in my room from home, my own duvet cover, plenty of clothes and I even have a rug. But what you bring and how you get it there is something you can decide either during the Summer Term or once you have found out where you will be staying.

This should all be exciting stuff- you can go on an IKEA trip, pick up the odd pan, some towels, a spatula etc. Likewise, if you want a few things to bring from home, or even buy some new decorations, there is certainly plenty of space in halls to bring them.

So my advice to my 18 year old self is ENJOY SUMMER. Once you’ve done the exams, they’re done. There is nothing you can do about them- so enjoy the summer, maybe earn some money, make new friends, and maybe travel if you can. Then you will be in the right head space to start University, wherever that may be.

Hope this helps, please feel free to ask me any question!

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