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What I Will Miss About First Year

As the end of the Easter Holidays and the beginning of exam season approaches, I suppose I’ve been getting quite nostalgic about everything. This is probably resulting from a mixture of stress from speaking exams and excitement for next year. You’re told so many times before university starts that it will go quickly, but I guess you have to actually experience it before you can appreciate how fast it truly is. In some ways, it feels like yesterday that I was moving in, but then again, so much has happened since. Whilst I am unbelievably excited about next year and everything that will happen, I know there are some things I will miss once first year has ended.

This is an interesting one, as though I will be away next year, both of my universities next year do not offer accommodation, so you have to sort it yourself and live somewhere in the city. Therefore, I am definitely going to miss how easy living on campus is. I lived in Heronbank this year, which is considered one of the “further away” accommodations, however it is still only a 15 minute walk to everywhere I need to go. The ability to go home in between lectures or if you have forgotten something has been fab, and something I will probably wish I had next year. That being said, I think now campus does feel quite small, because even though it has everything you need, it does not replace a town or city. So whilst I will miss it, I think like most other first years, the prospect of living somewhere a bit bigger, be it Leamington, Coventry or Bogotá.

As I have already mentioned, this year has gone quick, and if you study a three-year course, this means you only have two years left before adulthood hits you like a bus. In first year, you can just take time and enjoy everything university offers you, not having to worry about the future, you have three or four whole years before graduation. However, depending on your plans, now may be the time where you have to start thinking seriously about what you want to do, and you are going to get there. Therefore, I think the biggest piece of advice I can give to next year’s freshers would be to just relax, take advantage of all the societies and opportunities at Warwick, and make the most out of your first year.

Thanks to diversity at Warwick, the people on your course will have studied different A-Level Specs, be from different countries, or may have never even studied the subject before. This means that first year modules are broad, covering everything you need in order to specialise more in your second and third years. I have really liked this, because it has given me way more confidence with my Spanish and allowed me to start two new languages. Also, I didn’t really know what aspects of the subject truly interested me before coming to Warwick: Spain or Latin America? Plays or films? Novels or poetry? Whilst this is the interdisciplinary nature of Modern Language courses in action, it can be quite overwhelming, and the ability to just study everything in one, broad module, is something I will miss.

And finally, I guess I will just miss the excitement of it all. You can read as many of these blog posts and things on the student room as you can, yet when you finally come to university, it will be different, because it is such a personal thing. Everything will be slightly different to how you imagined it, and for me, that was overwhelming but exciting. Whilst some things are the same for everyone, such as the general disgust at an early morning fire alarm, the journey you take at university is up to you, and first year is a very special part of that.

So there you have it, just a couple of things that I will definitely wish I could have next year. In no way does this mean I am not excited for my year abroad, or second and third year, as I am, it is simply a collection of things I hope new freshers will take advantage of in their first year.

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