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What I learned from a month of jury service

So, what I have learned when going through an unexpected change is to have a good support network is essential to your sanity. Surround yourself with friends who don’t mind if you can’t brain or converse articulately and are just happy for you to be physically present in their company.   Keep meals simple and healthy.  Inform those who need to know what is going on in your life and how this is affecting you, rather than leave it till the last minute.  Especially with mitigating circumstances, they will not permit retrospective evidence.  I immediately ditched all responsibility and prior commitments, because I found everything overwhelming.  Also, delegate where possible and keep reminding yourself everything is only temporary.  It’s just a tiny speed bump in the grand highway of things and something wonderful comes out of every experience, even if you cannot see it at the time. 

Do NOT make any important decisions when you lack equanimity and clarity.  Keep life simple and as FUN as possible.  I have lost £1000 in lecture time that I will never get back, but it’s OK (I say that now!)  My student loan is so huge right now that £1K of missed lectures makes little difference.  As to whether my education has been negatively affected, only time will tell.   I am determined to get on top of my studies again and am studying 7 days a week to catch up.   I am also SOOOOOO grateful that I always try and get ahead of my game whenever I can.  So this experience has not affected my workload as badly as it could have done if I were less organised.  Fortunately, because I am productive whenever I am able, it generally makes up for those times when I am less productive. 

However, it does not mean that I do not worry.  I like to think that I am calm and collected, and deep down I know nothing really matters, but I didn’t realise how much panic and worry this case caused me.  Because I cannot get any more finance on my undergraduate loan, I was terrified I would never be able to function again and finish the course. However, I am determined to succeed.  I cannot let anything get in the way of me completing this course now.  Thank you, Life but you can stop with the curveballs   xXx

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