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Worthwhile courses to take at Warwick

At a recent taster session for Sprint women’s development programme, I volunteered to share my experiences and hopefully inspire women undergraduates to enrol on this invaluable course. 

  As I watched the introductory presentation, I had a flashback to when I first enrolled.  I remember completing the application and thinking I would not be accepted. I was aware of Sprint during my first year, but did not feel ready to partake.  By my second year, I was tired of being stuck in my comfort ‘rut’, sick of self-sabotage and martyring myself.  I decided ‘enough is enough’ and took the plunge to apply.  

The course is not just about assertiveness and self-confidence, but a great opportunity to raise self-awareness and address other limiting attitudes and beliefs.  It provides a toolkit for personal empowerment, not just for academia but every area of your life.  In fact, I believe in the power of this course so much that I would love to be a Springboard consultant.  What a great service that would be to take this personal development course out into the community so even more women (and thus everyone else) can benefit.  It made the shortlist of what I want to do after uni.   This year I will definitely be re-reading and completing exercises from the workbook in greater detail and refreshing my memory as I approach the looming liminality of graduation in 2020.  How quickly four years has whooshed by.  

The Kuebler-Ross Change Curve was just one thing we learned about that helped me handle some challenging situations earlier this year, which I covered in previous blogs.  The knowledge and deeper understanding gained from the course, you can carry with you into daily life; not as armour to protect, but as a toolkit to be able to choose the most appropriate tool to support yourself in the situation; in order to learn and grow.  Like some things in life –  the more you invest, the greater the rewards. 

Unless it isn’t clear to you, you are most definitely someone worth investing in!   https://warwick.ac.uk/services/skills/personal/sprint  

Onwards and funwards xXx  

  • Jane Eley

    Thanks Jules. I can see by your talk to students at the taster session that you embraced all it has to offer. Thanks for writing this blog and sharing your experience. Applications for December week 11 programme for female UG students is open now (follow link above) or warwick.ac.uk/sprint. A further programme is available for UG’s in Week 6 Spring Term (all dates and deadlines available on the website) and PG Sprint programme will be run in Week 2 of Summer Term, applications opening shortly.


  • Siobhan Qadir

    So glad you got so much from Sprint. I think you would be great as a trainer


  • Anne Wilson

    Hello Jules, I’m delighted you got so much out of the programme- thanks very much for creating your post! As a trainer myself it’s great to hear what participants gain from ‘Sprint’. Anne Wilson, Head of Careers


  • Ninna

    Jules, this is great! Thanks for sharing. I hope lots of female students can take part of this and other development opportunities at Warwick.


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