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What happens post-graduation?

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Welcome to my final ever blog post! First of all, this happened:

The hood looks much more red than what it actually is

The PAIS Reception after the ceremony was a fantastic time to celebrate with our department and to collect free Class of 2019 hoodies. They are really comfy. #wearePAIS

We did it! I somehow managed to graduate with a First Class degree and had the best celebration I could ask for. Graduation was a wonderful and emotional day, where we got to celebrate the end of our time at university and the beginning of a new, exciting adventure. 

It is precisely about the new that I want to talk about today. Through my posts, I have noticed I focused on looking back at particular moments, rather than looking forward. In this post, I will give you some food for thought on what my experience at Warwick is giving me for the future and how my post-uni life has been unfolding so far, as I am preparing to start my MSc in October.

1.      >  The in-between spaces

During a Sunday service in June, our Anglican Chaplain, Kate, said this beautiful sentence: “there is richness in the in-between spaces”. She was talking about how it is perfectly normal to be feeling in a sort of limbo as university comes to an end. This is a time that can be alienating and sometimes a bit melancholic, but that you can turn into an exciting possibility of growth. You can take things slowly and enjoy it. I started playing some badminton, caught up with friends, walked around, finally read some fiction after three years of journal articles – nothing massive, no detailed schedule, and no five-year plans! Transitional phases sound scary, but if we take our time and fill it meaningfully, yet gently, they can be a really enriching experience, especially after a chaotic and overwhelming three years at university. I know this time will help me get to my new postgraduate adventure as a well-rested, balanced and excited person!

2.      >  Change can be exciting

Connected to taking time to enjoy the limbo, I am learning that change is not as apocalyptic as my habit-lover self seems to be convinced of. I think having this positive outlook towards change (which I was never a fan of before!) will help me a lot as new opportunities and experiences arise. Change is part of life, and learning to positively react to it is a very useful skill to have!

3.     >  No more accumulating

I accumulate. A lot. Moving out of my house in Canley is a bit of a shocking experience, in that it is making me realise how much I have accumulated over the three years, and how that cannot happen anymore in the future. I am now looking forward to only packing the essential for next year, and learning to live with less, without unnecessary clutter.

4.      >  A time of possibility

You don’t have to have your life sorted by the time you’re 22. A permeating feeling seems to be that of everyone else knowing exactly what to do except ourselves. We feel like it’s too late already and that there is no point trying pursuing our dream. This is a perfect time to counteract and experiment, allowing yourself to fail.

Of course, not all of us have the money, time or energy to pursue a dream or start a big project. But what these months are teaching me is that this can be a good time to lay down solid foundations, by taking small steps. And yes – this can be done even if you start a full time job! See possibilities and excitement in all you do.


So, here we are! I want to thank you all for reading my posts this year. It has been a pleasure to bring you on my final year journey! I have been wanting to be a student blogger ever since I started university, so this has been a true pleasure. If you have any questions or need any help, I would love to talk to you – drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram (@mariannabeltrami) and keep in touch!

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the summer and the best of luck for all your academic adventures!



Marianna Beltrami | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Marianna

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