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What going home for Easter has made me appreciate

As someone who spends all 10 weeks of term on campus, my home and uni lives are pretty separate. For the Easter break I spent the first 2 weeks at uni, plus I came back early at the end of the Christmas break, making it a total of thirteen weeks that I was away, so for me, going home for the holidays is a big deal. It’s around a two and a half to three hour drive back to where I live, and though my accommodation allows me to stay over vacations, I have too much essential stuff that I keep with me to even consider carrying it on the train.

This situation has made me appreciative of the things I have at each of two locations in which I spend my time. Living at home gives me the benefits of a really comfy bed (it’s one of those ones that came vacuum sealed so doesn’t have any springs!), my PS4 (which I didn’t bring to uni because I knew it would distract me) as well as parents who are willing to drive me places, cook for me and buy me things.

But there are also things about uni that I really miss when I’m home, and it makes me sad that I’m only going to be able to reap the benefits of them for the next few years that I’m here. I’ll list some of them below:



The student cinema’s cheap tickets. The Warwick Student Cinema society offers £3 tickets for members, and that makes me so happy. Even the Odeon in Coventry has relatively cheap tickets compared to what I pay at my home cinema.


The buses. A lot of people like to complain about the bus services around the Coventry/Leamington area, but they’re actually so much better than the buses in my home town. They’re cheaper and use a contactless payment system that currently caps at £3.90 for day travel. Of course they’re always going to be quite full during rush hour and as with any service anywhere, there’s a chance that there might be a delay. Nonetheless, the public transportation systems here are pretty decent.


Having access to study space. I’m the kind of person who finds it incredibly difficult to study at home, especially since my younger brother is off school for the holidays, and my parents often want my help with things. I also lack a proper study desk in my bedroom at home, all of which makes it very difficult to concentrate. Being able to go to the library or the Learning Grids at any time is a convenience that you only really appreciate once you’re away from it. I’ve got lots of essay deadlines coming up and exam season is upon us, and even though it’s often hard to find a seat at this time of year, it’s nice to have the option of studying outside your room.


Everything being nearby. At home, most places I’d want to go to require a car to get there. Warwick uni however has two major towns just a short bus ride away, a grocery store and banks on campus, and a Tesco and shopping centre within walking distance.


Being able to spend time with friends whenever I’d like. My best friend lives in the accommodation next to me, and most days I see at least one of my friends on a daily basis. Being in a place surrounded by intelligent people my own age is such a wonderful feeling that I miss whenever I’m away from it. 

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