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What Does Warwick Cost?

It can be a bit daunting to start having to budget for yourself for the first time – but it’s okay, thousands of new freshers get through just fine every year! Let’s look at some of the expenses that you might be facing as a Warwick student…


Biggest expense, biggest wall of text. Note that these are all based on current prices, and are likely to change year on year. Sometimes, different accommodation blocks are given to different groups of students – for example, in my first year, Redfern was not available to freshers, but in my second year, it was. Make sure to double-check the website for the most up-to-date information!

For on-campus accommodation, rent for 2017-18 starts at £2720 per year for a single room. I stayed in Cryfield for a week or so this summer, and it was pretty decent – it was done up last summer. The rooms are pretty small for Warwick, but still perfectly functional and bigger than some rooms that my friends at other unis are paying more for. If you’re okay with sharing, then that’s an option for as little as £2574 per year, but these rooms are fairly rare. If you’re wanting an en suite to yourself, that starts at £5382 – I’ve got a friend who lived in Lakeside, and his room/bathroom was pretty spacious.

For going off-campus after first year, the cheapest rent I’ve heard privately was about £200 per month, though more typical private rents are somewhere in the region of £3000-£4000 per year. There are also a lot of off-campus houses managed by the university, which you don’t have to pay a deposit on, and can choose a 42 week contract – that’s what I did because I didn’t want to be paying rent over the summer. For my third year house I’m going to pay £3318 for the entire year. Because these houses are managed by the university, you may get some things included that you’d otherwise have to pay for – e.g. insurance, maintenance, gardening and maybe some utilities. Across the board, rents tend to be lower in Coventry and its suburbs than in Leamington Spa.


There’s a Tesco and an Aldi right next to campus, and if you budget wisely and cook for yourself, it’s a lot cheaper than catered accommodation (which Warwick doesn’t have any of anyway) or eating out. Cooking in bulk and freezing leftovers really helps with the days when you don’t want to cook. There’s also Rootes Grocery Store on campus, which is usually more expensive than Tesco/Aldi, but they sometimes have good deals.

There’s also a market in the centre of Coventry, which can be handy for bulk-buying food.


I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t drink or go clubbing, so I’ve never really dealt with the costs of all that. It’s entirely dependent on how you choose to drink, as you’d expect – if you’re very generous and buying a lot of other people at a club, then it’s going to be more expensive than bringing your own drinks to someone’s house.

Societies membership is currently covered first by a £19 Societies Federation fee (in 2017-2018, valid for one year), and then some societies choose to add their own small fee on top of that, typically under £5. Sports clubs are more expensive to join, with you needing to hold at least Standard Warwick Sport Membership to join. Some societies/clubs give you discounts for various things – QuizSoc subsidises tournament fees and waives the pub quiz entry fee for members, for example.

The SU has several outlets, including a cafe (Curiositea), a sandwich shop (Bread Oven), a pub (The Dirty Duck), a club (Copper Rooms) and Terrace Bar, all of which are reasonably priced and in my experience give an extra 10% discount if you pay using Eating at Warwick (the same card as your student ID). All are fairly popular for socialising – Copper Rooms is where most of the official Warwick student nights happen, including Pop! on a Wednesday.


Relative to the country, campus is fairly centrally located, so with a railcard trains aren’t too expensive if you book in advance. When I have been to Birmingham, it’s typically ~£3 on the day. I’ve been to London for ~£6 one way, and Edinburgh for ~£10 by planning and booking a long time in advance (these prices willbe much higher if you buy a ticket on the day of travel!). There are also buses from Coventry to various other places, which may work out cheaper.

Speaking of buses, a bus pass is probably not needed in first year. After that, it depends on where you’re living. In Canley you probably won’t need one, whereas most people in Leamington Spa do have one. Day tickets are ~£4 otherwise.


There are also plenty of opportunities for work on campus – whether through something like the Warwick Welcome Service; working in the SU outlets; working for Warwick Conferences… Most work for the university or the SU is flexible enough to fit around studies and get a bit of extra cash!

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