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what does the future hold?

Hi all, 


WOW, term two is nearly over, when on earth did that happen?


Ok so next week we break up for five weeks, and yes that sounds like a long time off. However, we have all our deadlines approaching when we return after the break. So, my advice is use the time wisely, if you’re like me and will have the kids off for two weeks of the break for Easter, then it’s a good idea to organise your studies/ assignment’s accordingly. Maybe planning what to do before the kids break up (it goes quicker than you think). I know when mine are off school it’s hard to get anything done, so I’ve decided what I want to get done and when, so I can try and enjoy some quality time with the kids over Easter, although I will trying my hardest to stay away from the Easter eggs, need to loose weight for graduation J.


For those of us in our final year, we are nearly there, who can’t believe it? I know I can’t. anyway, have you all thought about what you want to do after graduation (apart from party). I decided to do a Masters in Career Development and Coaching Studies, I applied a few weeks ago and have received a conditional offer, now I just need to graduate with a 2.2 and look forward to starting my Masters in September. I am absolutely over the moon to offered my place, and would defiantly say for anyone thinking about it go for it (what an amazing opportunity). 


The futures bright! If someone had told me five years ago that I would do a BA Hons degree and then go on to do a Masters, I probably would have told them they were crazy, now look just shows anything’s possible if you really want it. So, what do I want to do in the future? Ideally, I would like to work in a university particularly with students from widening participation groups, whether it be support for these students, career help, or in any other capacity really, just feel that I would like to give something back and help offer these students the opportunities that I have had. 


My future is defiantly looking more promising than it did a few years ago, and not only mine but my children’s to. In a previous blog I mentioned that my daughter was applying to universities for September 2019. Well I am absolutely over the moon and the proudest mom in the world, she was offered places at all the universities she applied to, but she received an unconditional offer and £1000 scholarship at Birmingham City University, which was her first choice, and she excepted it, my daughter is going to university! Absolutely amazing, I could be any happier for her she is growing up into an wonderful young lady. 


Anyway, have a good break all, and remember be organised  


And use your time wisely 


Emma xx


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