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What does the Coronavirus mean for Social Science students?

Annika Sirikulthada | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Annika

The University has released a statement claiming that all exams for first years will be canceled due to the coronavirus and instead replaced with online modules – this will in turn result in an inevitable shift in our study patterns and assessment methods . While there has yet to be an announcement from the University about every exact detail of how term 3 of this academic year will operate; many departments – such as the PAIS of which I belong under – have indeed requested for some additional time before they declare their operating plans and final term methods of moderation. In light of this, I have constructed this blog as an outline of what we do know as of right now and provide well-thought assumptions on what may occur in this upcoming term. 


Some background information on the severity of the virus:


Source of research: BBC – during this global pandemic, it is highly requested that our old routines and habits must be replaced with new customs and practices. We need to adjust to the etiquette of an epidemic. In normal times we look to calm anxiety and stress with the human touch. But these are not normal times. The human touch may be the enemy. 

Every object we and others come into contact with maybe a vector for the virus. The right thing to do is deny this cruel bug the chance to spread. Thus, it is highly advised that public places such as a University should be temporarily closed for this appropriate time.


Warwick’s current response – Source: Warwick online Homepage 


  • The University will remain open, but there will be no face to face teaching. Your academic department will be in touch with you via local communication routes to advise on changes to the format/delivery of your teaching.

  • There will be no face to face assessments in term three – academic departments are working to identify alternative modes of assessment and will be in touch with you directly to advise on changes.

  • There will be no overseas travel on University business.

  • From this week, we are supporting staff to explore working from home, and we will provide those staff with wellbeing advice and advice on IT tools to support working from home.

As can be seen, the University is currently developing methods to ensure that students will successfully be able to work online effectively and if you are currently unsure about the specifics of your department, then it is best that you wait for them to contact you regarding the exam details. 


If you are studying under the social sciences like me then it is highly suggested that our exams will be replaced with assessed essays or an equivalent method of online assessment; this may mean more coursework or an additional timed-submitted essay. However, this may vary from course to course and module to module, so please make sure you are checking your email for updates. 


Who do you contact for additional information? 


I highly advise that you first look through the University of Warwick FAQs regarding the coronavirus pandemic as many of your general questions may be covered in this area, if you still have some more personal questions regarding accommodation fees or exam timetables then I suggest you privately email the party of which the question concerns. I believe that the best thing to do right now is to rest up at home and boost your immune system by sleeping and eating well – also, do make sure to constantly check your emails regularly.


Until then, if you have any questions for me please do not hesitate to contact me and make sure to wash your hands.

Annika Sirikulthada | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Annika

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