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What does Summer Term hold in store for me?

Exams may be in full swing, but I’m taking a moment away from studying to share with you some of the excitement that the lecture-free Summer Term at Warwick holds for me. I’ve really enjoyed my modules this year since there’s so much choice for third year students, so I’ve been studying the kind of maths I especially love (mmm, Algebraic Topology!). However, revising for the MMath course is tough and requires many a revision break. Here’s a little taster of what I’ll be getting up to in mine.

One of the hidden gems of Warwick Uni is its ultimate frisbee club. The oldest ultimate frisbee club in the UK, Warwick Bears has a thriving community of almost a hundred players, and you’ll find them training come heatwave or snow.

My favourite time of year, though, is the summer, when a gentle breeze blows and carries pop music across the playing fields to make training the most chilled-out affair possible. As well as playing in a handful of UK tournaments this summer, I’m really looking forward to ‘BURLA’ towards the end of the holiday, where we all head to Italy to play a tournament on the beach and go sightseeing. In the evenings we’ll cook dinner together and play board games.


A personal delight this term for me is recording more episodes of my show, ‘Webster’s Anthology’, for RAW 1251, the Warwick student radio station. I only joined RAW relatively recently, but the society’s set up so that you can have your own show from the very beginning. I’m following in the footsteps of some very impressive RAW alumni, which include Ruth Jones (who played Nessa in Gavin and Stacey) and BBC Radio 2’s Simon Mayo.

Finally, I’ll be moving up to the Beginners-to-Novice class in Latin and Ballroom. Again, I only joined the Latin and Ballroom family this academic year, but together my partner and I aced Northerns and Nationals (if I may say so myself) and I’m looking forward to learning some more complex moves. With the pressure of weekly maths assignments put behind me for another six months, I’m looking forward to going to more socials, too.

In the meantime, I shall be studying furiously to make sure I have time for all this once term begins. Hyperbolic Geometry notes and highlighters, here I come!

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