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“What do you do during the weekends at uni?”

A question I have been asked is “What do you do during the weekends at university?”.  So for this blog, I’ll talk to you about how I spent my weekends during my first year when I was living on-campus.

 I would always have a quiet morning because almost every other student on the ground floor was not a morning person. More often than not, I would have the kitchen to myself when I had my breakfast and for most of the morning, and this took some getting used to. On the plus side, I always found plenty of free washing machines in the AV2 launderette in my block! For others, their kitchens would be busy so it just depends on how the allocation happens to work out.

 Weekends of course varied week to week as sometimes I’d make plans whereas sometimes if I’d had a busy week I just preferred to have some time to myself and get some work done. Sometimes I’d go to the main library, especially if it was busy in the block.

Here are some the things I did to give you some ideas:

 -Trips to Leamington Spa. During the second weekend at uni, a course friend and I went there for shopping, then to Jephson Gardens and to one of the many restaurants. It was great exploring the new area and to get a change of scenery from campus.  

-Attend a society run event. For example, the flute choir organised a concert for patients in a hospital, and a performance at Birmingham Christmas Market. They may also have things going on that are on campus. During Term 2 many societies organise balls, which are held on Saturdays normally at hotels. In my first year I went to the Music Society Ball, which was an amazing event. There is always a coach for take and fetch those who are living on-campus.  

-Swim at the Sports Centre Pool- I had a Silver membership at the Sports Centre which meant I had unlimited access to the pool.

-Arrange to see a friend for a coffee/lunch. My favourite places were Costa and the Arts Centre Café. With most first years living on campus, it meant you could just text a friend/receive a text from a friend and organise to meet that day. You can save money and just meet in one of your flats (I always made sure I had plenty of tea and cakes/biscuits for times like these!)

-Go for walks- the campus includes many scenic places, and during the weekends over the exam season, one of my friends and I liked to walk to Lakeside and enjoy a well-deserved break in the sun.

-Day trips out with my parents- this included going for walks in Warwick, and going to places that I couldn’t have visited without a car.

-Invite friends from home to come to visit.

During the evenings I liked to spend time with my flatmates. Sometimes we went to the club nights held in the Copper Rooms, which is the club on-campus, or go to the Terrace Bar. One of my flatmates brought a TV to uni so sometimes a group of us would get together to watch a film in the kitchen, or we would go to see a film run by the Film Society. Some nights we all ate an evening meal together like fajitas. 

Overall, living in halls has much to recommend it 🙂

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