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What do my GCSE/A level results mean for my future?

Hi everybody!

Summer has been going well; still another month until uni starts!

If you are reading this as a prospective student, you may have recently received your A-level or GCSE results. This post is for you.

At this time of the year, the news directs its focus to education; and social media is dominated by young students either thrilled or disappointed.

Nevertheless, everybody has one thing on their mind: “What do my results mean for my future”

This may even be something you have googled. You’ll end up reading the same answer over and over again “in the grand scheme of things, not much.” And though that holds a lot of truth, I want to focus on what it means for those of you applying to university.

Do note that some courses have specific entry requirements, so it is worth checking.

Usually; universities require a minimum of a passing grade in GCSE Mathematics and English. In order to strengthen your application, the Sciences hold a lot of significance too (or are compulsory) – those three being the core subjects. Other subjects you have taken demonstrate a broad knowledge and an ability to be critical, all key skills universities look for.

Although it seems like every single subject is super important right now, which to an extent they are; I would advise you to divert your focus on your core subject results. (Maths, English and the Sciences). Did you pass them all? If you did, I wouldn’t worry.

If you didn’t receive the grades you need to take on certain subjects at A level (e.g. sometimes schools require an A in GCSE Maths to study it at A level); you may want to look into whether there were extenuating circumstances which you need to inform your school of, and if not; whether those A-level subject choices are suitable for you. It is okay to change your mind.

If you didn’t pass your core subjects; it would be worth looking into the degree subjects you were considering and whether they are critical to your application. If so, it would be worth retaking them. I know a few people who retook some of their GCSE subjects during their A-levels, and it worked out for them! Similarly, if passing them isn’t a requirement – it may be possible to focus on your A-levels. However, I wouldn’t recommend this it is very likely that future employers will require pass grades in them, and even if they don’t; it most certainly will enhance your application!

Now onto your A-level grades; if you received your A2 grades you may have finalised your uni choice – in which case congratulations, and if you will be coming to Warwick – I look forward to seeing you all soon!

If you received your AS grades; these grades may be vital to your application. Although many subjects are now becoming linear (or already are), the grades you achieved will play a role in the predictions your teachers give, and therefore the unis you are able to apply to. When choosing the 5 universities you apply to, it is worth basing them around your predictions. Teachers tend to recommend: one university with higher entry requirements to your predictions, one with lower, and the rest matching your predicted grades. Of course, this isn’t a must-do what you think is best for you.

Do remember, your predicted grades are not a matter of life or death when it comes to university. If you are unhappy, I previously wrote a post on my process of applying to Warwick through adjustment; which is becoming increasingly popular. On the other hand, there is clearing too.

I will be writing a post eventually on deciding which university is best for you – so do keep an eye out if you are still selecting!

Best of luck to you all 🙂

Shanita 🙂 xo

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