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What Being at University has Taught Me

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

Reflecting on my past two, going on three years of being at Warwick I have started to realise the different stages and learning period that has brought about certain changes upon myself as an individual. I can certainly say that I am quite a different person now compared to the first day I stepped foot on campus. Adulthood is more challenging than expected, and you only really start to realise this once you move out of campus on your second year and you need to start thinking about various living logistics. These include paying rent, utilities, and other responsibilities of becoming more independent.

While I have matured, grown and developed new set of skills whilst being at university; there are still many life lessons and experiences that I am anticipating for my final year at Warwick. Balancing time is definitely one of the most prominent aspects that being at university has taught me. It has come to a point where multitasking has become much easier and practically second nature to the everyday busy schedules of managing lectures, seminars, society events and sports training.

Liquid confidence in the form of the familiar pint or shot is something I have learned (the hard way), to never underestimate. If you overdo it you may end up with some spur of the moment decisions you may have had second thoughts about if you hadn’t taken that extra shot. The following day you may also potentially be met with a pounding headache and mountains of texts to certain people (perhaps an ex?) you wish you could take back. Always make sure to have the confidence to say no and know your limits, and make sure you stick with people you are comfortable letting your guard down around.

Some people just never grow up. While I experienced and spectated my fair share of typical teenage drama in secondary school, some things never change and people may not grow up at the same rate as others. For some individuals, stirring up drama may indeed be an inevitable innate aspect of their personalities. While you make think being at university is a whole new territory and many people will be more mature and with their heads and priorities set straight, in comparison to the overwhelming immaturity and drama you may have encountered during your youth, unfortunately this is not always the case. You will still encounter a handful of people that can not seem to be mature enough to handle opinions or situations in a civil manner, just know how to stand your ground and appreciate your true friends and people who you know you can trust.Overall I know I would have had a completely different university experience if I had not come to Warwick and I could not hoped for anything more. I throughly enjoy the environment I am in, the life long bonds that I have made here and the unforgettable experiences that have accumulated in my life over these past few years.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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