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What about weekends?

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Hi everyone!

For today’s entry, I thought I’d write a little bit about what there is to do at weekends here at Warwick. On open days, I’ve had a few questions from prospective students about whether there "is" anything, since it is a campus uni here – and the answer is yes! There’s something here for pretty much everyone, and so many opportunities to take part in,

If you’re looking for daytime activities, you can go either on campus or further afield. I found a lot of my societies, especially sports societies, trained over the weekend so that took up a lot of my time. I also spent some time (when I had them) doing essays and catching up on the lectures over the week – boring sometimes, but a necessity! For those where neither of these took place, I had a lot of different options. I spent a few weekends last year visiting people I knew at other universities, whether that was Manchester or Oxford. It was a lovely way to experience other universities and see friends and fill a weekend.

Other than that I went out with friends to places such as Birmingham, Coventry, or even London once or twice. With these places in short reach – only an hour by train to London – we were able to explore somewhere new without breaking the bank or taking too long. During November we also went to watch the fireworks at Kenilworth Castle, but that’s more in the things to do during the evening – which are coming up!

Looking for things to do over the weekend usually ended up centring on the evenings for myself last year. Looking at nights out, I went to Skool Dayz twice a term, which was a nice change to Pop! and a way to get to know friends better, especially during the first term. I also, as mentioned above, went to the fireworks show around this time last year. Even though it’s a one-off event, I’d highly recommend everyone to go to it!

A few Saturday evenings were spent in the Arts Centre. With a whole host of different acts performing there and reasonably priced tickets, I was able to go see two of my favourite comedians and spend time with friends there. I’m continuing on with the shows this year – I love having the Arts Centre so close, and being able to see a mix of student and professional performers!

Finally, sometimes I just spent the time with my friends/flat in a more relaxed setting. Playing pool in the SU was a favourite, as well as games evenings. Bringing a few sets of card games with me was a great decision, I found out, as it meant we could quite easily spend the hours on a Saturday (and Sunday) relaxing rather than stressing!

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas on how weekends could be spent at Warwick – I know that there are so many more experiences around us – so it’s worth looking around to see what else might be on that day!

Meredith x

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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