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What a Chemistry Offer Holder Day may include

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The sudden appearance of Offer Holder Days on the horizon mark the second (and hopefully final) round of university visits before decision time, and they work sort of like more specific open days. It may be good to find out how previous Offer Holder Days were structured to form some idea of what to expect, and as such I would like to share what I remember from my Offer Holder Day, although I can’t give specific details for the whole day as I did not bring any of the information given or any notes that I took to uni with me.

The majority of the day was held in the Ramphal building next to the actual chemistry building, and there were several academics there for greeting/registration. We were given a name badge (which unfortunately we did not get to keep) and an information pack, containing a plan of the day, I believe a chemistry at Warwick information booklet and probably a pen. The Offer Holder Day began with an introduction talk about chemistry at Warwick, and there may have been an introduction talk about the ChemSoc as well, although I cannot remember.

We (prospective students and guests) were separated into separate groups for the tours; groups of prospective students were first led on a tour of the whole campus by a current student, much like the ones that took place on the open day. this tour included the humanities building, part of Rootes accommodation, parts of the library, possibly part of the maths building, and the inside of the SU building (not necessarily in that order, that was just the order I remembered them in). after this tour we returned to the Ramphal building for lunch. Food was provided (although I packed a sandwich as well), being a variety of snack-type foods, including stereotypical triangular sandwiches (I decided for all my offer holder days to attempt to consume as many of these as possible), with vegetarian/vegan options also being available. We had lunch in our small tour groups, and as such we had the opportunity to ask our tour-guide any questions about their experience of chemistry.

After the lunch break, we were greeted by an academic for a tour of the chemistry building. This included the undergraduate labs and several fancy pieces of equipment that I believe we do not use in undergraduate study, although this is not necessarily an issue as it can be interesting to learn about the potential future options at Warwick. We then once again returned to the Ramphal building, I believe for the last time that day, to take part in a quiz, with the teams being our tour groups. This also had a small prize (probably a few packets of sweets) for the winning team. After this quiz, the Offer Holder Day was over, and we were given a ‘goodie bag’ to take home with us. Our goodie bags contained a pen, a Warwick journal-type notebook, and a foam beaker.


Future Offer Holder Days are likely to be similarly structured, and as such I hope that this has provided some useful information on what to expect.

Asher Reynolds | Chemistry (with Industrial Placement) Contact Asher

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